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how to stay warm winter season qatar

People would usually turn on the heater at home and use hot water at bath time to have heat during the cold winter. But these practices would cause injuries to some people so it is best to be cautious when using the heating implements. Doctors have shared some advice on how to prevent these accidents. [...]

You may think that the visa extension process in Qatar will be complicated and will require much of your time and money, but it’s actually the opposite. In order to attract more tourists to visit and explore this Gulf wonder, Qatar is making visa extension procedures a lot easier. So if you want your relatives [...]

Buying groceries need not be expensive. There are several supermarkets in Qatar that are known to carry affordable products that do not cost much. Some of these supermarkets regularly have promos and discounts. They even have various branches in the country. But keep in mind that one particular product will differ in prices across different [...]

diabetes check

A person has prediabetes if his sugar level is higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as Type 2 Diabetes. There are no clearly identifying signs or symptoms, but there are risk factors that one should be aware of. Both children and adult can have prediabetes. But it’s good to know that [...]

Qatar National Library

Book lovers rejoice! The Qatar National Library (QNL) has opened this November. Qatar citizens and residents are eligible to borrow provided they have a library card. There are available books from children to adults. There are also online resources for streaming music and videos for members. The library also offers creative activities from time to [...]

With the Qatar Labour Law amending some of the provisions on the 2004 and 2009 labour laws, expats and workers in Qatar can now pursue complaints and protests against their employers who don’t abide the law with less complications and conditions than before. With the Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani signing the law, [...]

The Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar Online (PEOS) is a service that POEA provides for those who want to work abroad. It gives useful information regarding overseas employment. Most importantly, it protects the worker from illegal recruiters. Applicants need to create an account at the POEA website (peos.poea.gov.ph). Once the account has been created, they need to [...]

The approaching winter season makes it conducive to go out of the house and enjoy the cool temperature. And what better way to spend it in one of the many parks in Qatar? Take for example, the MIA Park which is located beside the Museum of Islamic Art. MIA Park has some attractions that the [...]

Hamad Health Card

Taking care of one’s health is very important. In Qatar, the Hamad Hospital is the principal public healthcare provider where everyone can go for consultation or for emergency procedures. The Hamad Health card is needed to access the facilities and subsidize the cost of treatment. Both Qatar nationals and residents can apply for a Hamad [...]


With Qatar abolishing ‘Kafala’ system in December of last year and changing its regulations into contract-based system, many expats and workers attempted to change jobs knowing that they no longer needed to obtain their employers’ permission to transfer to another company at the end of their contract period. With the previous automatic two-year ban to [...]