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The Museum of Islamic Art is, in my opinion, one of the best and most gorgeous architectural treasures of Doha. As a matter of fact, I find it hard to imagine the city’s Corniche without this magnificent landmark standing grandly on its private island. Deemed as one of Doha’s most recognized and prized landmarks, the [...]


Deemed as one of the finest sporting venues in the world, the Aspire Zone offers only the best and cutting-edge facilities for sporting and other international events. Qatar’s premier sporting venue is a one-of-a-kind destination for international sports industry, as it is also a perfect venue for international sports education, which offers programs for sports [...]


The Qatar peninsula is blessed with a 563-kilometer stretch of beautiful and unique sandy beaches with several islets, sand bars and reefs. And, one of the most popular beach destinations in this peninsula is Ras Abrouq, or commonly known as Bir Zekreet. Trust me, a visit here will definitely induce an extra dose of excitement [...]


Qatar is known to possess an immense amount of wealth in its treasure chest. From its vast oil reserves to its rich history, culture, and tourism, Qataris can definitely boast a million things about their dear nation. But, if we are to pick one of the most majestic gems in Qatar’s treasure trove, it would [...]


Qatar may be a small Middle Eastern country, but it is certainly one of the richest and highly-developed nations in the world. It is not only evident through their economy, but also seen through the country’s magnificent mega-infrastructures, and that includes one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, The State Grand Mosque or [...]

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Qatar has been a major tourist destination in the Middle East since 1989, thanks to its flourishing capital city, Doha. With its ultra-deluxe malls, mesmerizing tapering skyscrapers and buzzing shopping scene, the city of Doha truly makes a fine stopover, for anyone visiting the Gulf region, especially to those who are fond of shopping. But, [...]