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Taking off your shoes is an important sign of respect when you enter a Qatari's house. In a recent video by iLoveQatar.net, Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon aka Mr.Q explains why it's necessary to remove your shoes when visiting a house. Video (c) YouTube | Mr. Q - iLoveQatar.net The clip exhibits how valuable it is for [...]


Those who cannot afford a lawyer, you can now receive free legal advice at (QU) Qatar University. This is a new initiative launched by Qatar University's Law Division. Pro Bono cases were just handled by lawyers of QU a couple of months ago even though this was established last 2012. Cases that the clinic receive comprise [...]


Our generation of today are more engaged in cyberspace compared from the past. Majority of Qatar residents rely on the internet for our news and to communicate, especially through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and etc. We connect through the internet on a daily basis. With that being said, some netizens might be unaware of [...]


All motorists in Qatar, be advised of the new traffic system to monitor violations and to respond to emergencies on the road. The Ministry of Interior in Qatar is ready to update the transportation units of the Traffic Department. The purpose of this upgrade is to lessen the travel-time to respond to different emergencies. There will [...]

Qatar is mourning the death of its former ruler, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani. He was Qatar's Emir and he died at the age of 84 last Sunday. He governed Qatar for 23 years starting 1972 to 1995. Qatar News Agency reported the sad news coming from the court. The current Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani [...]


One of the hardest parts of being an expat worker is resolving legal matters with your employer. But with the changes to the Law No 14 of 2014, the government of Qatar has organized a new committee to settle these conflicts faster. A new cabinet is formed in order to help employees resolve their arguments [...]


The biggest shopping mall in the region is set to open on December. With over 500 shops, 100 food and beverage outlets, a luxury hotel, and various entertainment options, this is going to be a big event when it is launched to the public. The Officials reported that the Mall of Qatar's grand opening is [...]


The summer season is about to end and weather forecasts next week will be rainy with low temperatures. A report from a local weather-forecaster said that the rainy season will start soon. The Qatar Meteorology Department (MET) announced a little downpour in Qatar and will be raining for 52 days. This rain is expected to start on [...]

We cannot deny that there are now many expatriates that are now residing in Qatar due to its innovations and growth. As part of its plan to attract more people to visit the country, a Visa on Arrival system has been on the works. The Qatar Tourism Authority's senior told Gulf Times that they are [...]


Passengers who are are arriving in Qatar for a minimum of five hours can avail of a transit visa for up to four days. In line with the celebration of World Tourism Day last September 27, The Ministry of Interior, Qatar Airways and Qatar Tourism Authority declared this plan to encourage more travellers to come to [...]

The Ministry of Interior announces an amnesty program for illegal residents in Qatar which is valid from 1st September 2016 to 2nd December 2016. This gives pardon to those who don't have valid residence visas in the country and will bear no legal consequence if you file for it. Many expatriates visit Qatar for a [...]


Selected OFWs who are going back to the Philippines for vacation may be exempted from getting an OEC if they have registered at the BM (Balik Manggagawa) online website. This takes effect starting September 15, 2016. This is good news for plenty of Pinoys especially when OEC has always been a requirement whenever we go back [...]