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Despite Qatar’s relatively small size, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit this country. There is so much to do, so many beautiful places to visit, that it can actually be overwhelming in a wonderful way! That’s why it’s important for you to plan your trip ahead when you intend to visit this [...]

One of the largest educational and entertaining brands for children will open soon in Qatar. On the second half of 2018, KidZania is slated to welcome children 4-14 years old. It will be located in Aspire Zone. KidZania is a place where kids rule. There are many interactive activities for the children to do. They [...]

Observing the sky especially when it is bright and clear at day and when it is lit and filled with stars at night is one way to relax, especially when you are stressed and tired of the everyday scenes in the city. It is better if you will be able to observe something you don’t [...]

Nowadays, it is very convenient that we already have what we called the “mobile Internet.” Mobile Internet makes our web life easier: We can stay connected with our family and friends through social media and messengers; we can play our favorite online games anywhere; we can look for nearby restaurants or fast food in unknown [...]

A number of Filipino restaurants franchises are now in Qatar. So for our kababayans, you are only one ride away from your favorite Philippine restaurant. You don’t have to leave the country to eat at Max’s Restaurant, Barrio Fiesta, and Gerry’s Grill. A special addition is the homegrown Filipino coffee shop, Bo’s Coffee. Keep in [...]

With the passing of mantle from Russia to Qatar, World Cup fans will surely want to know more about Qatar and what the country has to offer to its guests. Aside from the culture and the climate, guests would surely want to see where the games will be held. Construction for some of the stadiums [...]

Employees are entitled to various leaves. These leaves are usually taken when employees need time to be away from their work especially during unexpected circumstances, without affecting their status and compensation in their work. Considering the provisions on working hours, here are some of the things you must know when it comes to the official [...]

Being one of the richest countries in the world, Qatar is one of the places where most people look for job opportunities. Before applying for a job in Qatar, you must first know the rules, the law, and other matters related to work in Qatar. One of these is with regard to working hours. Here [...]

A guideline written in Filipino is released by the Ministry of Interior in an effort to educate more drivers from different nationalities that are living in Qatar. The announcement is regarding the use of yellow box in an intersection. This is part of their traffic awareness campaign. MOI, through its different departments, regularly releases advisory [...]

Having kids means taking the time to go outside and exploring the outdoors. Fortunately, in Qatar, there are so many family activities to choose from! With all the energy that kids have, they tend to get easily bored when they have nothing to do. Here are some of the activities that families can do with [...]