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Most expats in Qatar, including myself, have been waiting for changes to be made on the sometimes abusive labor laws. And when it finally took effect in December of last year, many in the work force rejoiced. Many employees expected that with the abolishment of the Kafala system, positive reform will finally take place in [...]

Driving in a foreign country entails learning new rules that may or may not be similar to one’s country of origin. Once you get your driving license, you might too excited that you forget that you are in a country where you can get fined if you don’t follow proper guidelines. So it is important [...]

list of driving violations and fines qatar

So you’ve studied driving in Qatar and have gotten your driver’s license already. Congratulations on this new chapter as it takes time and money to apply for a license to drive in another country. Given this, it is important that you are also aware of certain Qatar driving rules to take note of in order to avoid [...]

This is something that many of us working abroad do not think about. We have a job; we are young and healthy, so why do we need to have a legal will, or insurance, for that matter? Be advised that your assets might be frozen until a legitimate heir will show proof to claim them. [...]

LBC Express, leading cargo and courier express company, is looking to hire people for the following positions: Area Head, Team Leader, HR & Admin Specialist, and Sales Driver & Associate. If you’re searching for a job in the Middle East, you can check out the opportunities posted by LBC and see if you are qualified. [...]

There are some cases where expat mothers give birth in their homeland. For them, it can be for convenience because they can get support from their extended families, or they can recover easily in more familiar surroundings. Upon returning to Qatar with their babies, they need to bring the required documents such as original birth [...]

Living and working in another country, one would want a comfortable place to stay. If you are new in Qatar, you might get lost in knowing how to rent a flat/apartment. We have written this guide to understanding the process of renting accommodation here. Finding an apartment to rent here in Qatar is fairly easy, [...]

Once you have secured a place to rent, the next step is setting up home utilities like water, electricity, telephone lines and internet connections. We’ve written this article to act as a guide as you set up your home utilities in your newly rented apartment in Qatar. It’s important that you have these ready as [...]

banking in Qatar

Regarded by IMF as the country with the highest per capita income, one can expect that most systems here are more advanced than other countries. And expats soon find out that doing banking in the emirates is no different. It can be done with great ease and convenience as Qatar was able to maintain its [...]

Holders of Qatar resident ID can easily apply for a Schengen visa if they want to visit European countries in the Schengen area. They need to send their application to the embassy of the country that they will visit the longest or will visit first. Some of the requirements needed during application are: standard form, [...]

finding work abroad

To be able to work abroad, there are two choices. Send an application at a recruitment agency or send the application directly to the foreign company. These two options have its pros and cons. But these continue because some people have found work abroad using one of these choices. Placement agency vs direct hire When [...]

qatar id number

Some of us working and living here in Qatar may have been wondering what the numbers on our Qatari ID mean. Are they just random set of numbers thought out by Qatari officials? Well, wonder no more. Those numbers correspond to specific information about the holder that will allow government officials to determine your age [...]