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owwa doha qatar

Did you know that as a certified OWWA member, you can apply for a loan to use in your business? With the OFW-EDLP (Enterprise Development and Loan Program), you can! With just three phases of the enterprise development intervention, you are on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. You will attend the Enhanced Entrepreneurial Development [...]

mosawalat bus service qatar

Getting around Qatar is still possible even if you don’t have your own car. There is public transportation that you can use. You can have buses and taxis to get to your destination. Mowasalat, a government-owned organization, runs the bus network. It also oversees the taxi service in the country, under the Karwa banner. photo [...]

Congratulations on your new job abroad! You will encounter new adventures, experiences and opportunities. But for sure, you will miss your loved ones back home. It can be a bit sad waking up and realizing that you are miles away from your family. If this is your first time working abroad, or even if you [...]

One of the downside of working so far away from home is being homesick. Especially if it’s your first time working abroad, you will have a lot of adjustments to do. It can cause you to reminisce about home. But did you know that the feeling of homesickness also has its benefits? You don’ have [...]

women's clothing

Being an Islamic country, Qatar follows a very traditional mode of dressing. In fact, Qataris are encouraging tourists and expats alike to respect their culture and dress modestly, especially in public. They even had a slogan ‘Reflect your Respect’ to call out to tourists of what is and what is not an acceptable style of [...]

qatar permanent residence expats

The Qatar government has approved the bill allowing qualified expats to become permanent residents. Along with this status are benefits commonly enjoyed by the citizens. The Ministry of Interior will set up a committee to review the applications, as stated in the law. This same bill also allows children of Qatari mothers who married non-Qatari [...]

exit visa cancellation process

Are you leaving Qatar for good? If you are a Residence Permit holder, it is very important for you to cancel your residency status and close all your existing accounts before leaving. You also will be advised to pay off fines or debts you may have during your stay in the country. Ensuring that everything [...]

truck ni kabayan qatar ofw winner

We hosted a giveaway wherein a lucky OFW got a chance to win a free sea cargo from LBC Express and we’re glad that the winner has claimed her prize at the LBC office. Congratulations to our winner, Irene, who has won a balikbayan box transaction that can be shipped from Qatar to anywhere in the Philippines. [...]

If you are a Qualified Filipino While Abroad (QWFA), you can avail of duty and tax-free sending of balikbayan boxes through the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act. Under this law, the balikbayan boxes that you will send to your family or relatives will be tax exempt for up to three times a year, provided that [...]

It’s been part of our Filipino culture that we send balikbayan boxes to our families back in the Philippines as a way to show that we haven’t forgotten about them. We fill these boxes month by month with clothes, groceries and other items bought from what’s left of our monthly salary. LBC, the Philippine leading [...]

As the siege of Qatar continues, His Highness Emir Tamim bin Hamad Ai Thani addressed the nation. Recently, Qatar has rejected the 13 demands given by the Saudi-led group. The list of demands has been reduced to just six, which focuses on eliminating extremism and terrorism. The Emir’s speech looks back at the nation’s experience [...]

Working abroad gives OFWs an opportunity to provide a better life for themselves and their families. However, the better life you enjoy can only last as long as you handle your earnings well. If you have noticed that you never can seem to save up, then maybe a review of how you handle money is [...]