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Qatar Jobs – August 2015

Hi everyone, it’s now August and we have compiled the available job openings in Qatar from top companies this month. Please see the available opportunities by visiting each company page listed below.

Job Opportunities in Qatar in August 2015

qatar jobs august 2015

*Qatar Airways – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-airways
*Qatar Rail – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-rail/
*Qatar Duty Free – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-duty-free/
*Hilton Hotel – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/hilton-hotel/
*Marriott Hotel – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/marriott-hotel/
*Alshaya Group – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/alshaya-group-qatar/
*Al Futtaim Group – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/al-futtaim-group/
*Hyatt Hotel – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/hyatt-hotel/
*Qatar Petroleum – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-petroleum/
*Ritz-Carlton Hotel – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/ritz-carlton-hotel/
*Mashreq Bank – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/mashreq-bank/
*Vodafone – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/vodafone/
*Ooredoo Telecom – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/ooredoo-telecommunications/
*Qatar National Bank – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-national-bank/
*Shell Qatar – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/shell-qatar/
*Qatar Foundation – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-foundation/
*General Electric – GE – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/general-electric/
*Weill Cornell Medical College – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/weill-cornell-medical-college/
*Rivoli Group – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/rivoli-group/
*Microsoft – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/microsoft-qatar/
*Cisco – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/cisco-qatar/
*IBM – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/ibm-qatar/
*Motorola Solutions – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/motorola-solutions/
*EMC – http://qatarofw.com/jobs/emc-qatar/

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