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high paying jobs qatar

Qatar has attracted thousands of migrants to work for the country for several reasons. One of these reasons is the relatively high pay that workers receive in the country. Plus, its tax-free! If you’re ready to explore the working environment in Qatar, you may want to ask yourself the question — what is the highest [...]

science jobs qatar

Qatar is the richest country in the world per capita GDP. The economy boomed after gas and oil were discovered to exist in the country. Credit also goes to the country’s leaders, who came up with effective economic strategies and initiatives to improve Qatar’s economy. These initiatives include providing lots of career opportunities not just [...]

manzil health services qatar

To all registered nurses, please be advised of a job hiring opportunity for nurses by Manzil Healthcare Services, a private multi-disciplinary healthcare provider in the MENA region. They are looking for female nurses who have specific qualifications. Please check the details below for the requirements. Do make sure you are qualified for the position you are [...]

Being one of the richest countries in the world, Qatar is one of the places where most people look for job opportunities. Before applying for a job in Qatar, you must first know the rules, the law, and other matters related to work in Qatar. One of these is with regard to working hours. Here [...]

manzil health services qatar

A well-known and reputed healthcare company in Qatar has vacancies for Female Nurses. Salary is best in the industry. Manzil Healthcare Services is a private multi-disciplinary healthcare provider, and they are looking for female nurses who have specific qualifications. Please check the details below for the requirements. Do make sure you are qualified for the position you are [...]

LBC Hiring Area Heads Qatar

Filipinos in Qatar, LBC Express Inc., the Leading cargo and courier service provider in the Philippines is now hiring for its Qatar team for the position of Area Head. Please see the requirements and qualifications below to understand how to apply for the said post. Area Head Must have Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university in the [...]

LBC Express, leading cargo and courier express company, is looking to hire people for the following positions: Area Head, Team Leader, HR & Admin Specialist, and Sales Driver & Associate. If you’re searching for a job in the Middle East, you can check out the opportunities posted by LBC and see if you are qualified. [...]

qatar aviation

Qatar or land of riches as they call it- there’s no two thoughts when it comes to the economic and cultural prosperity of a country as developing as Qatar. Renowned across the globe for its highest per capita income and famous expat destinations like Doha, the country is making immense developments on various economic fronts. [...]


Posting the job openings in Qatar this October 2015! Share this and help your friends/family looking for jobs! *Hyatt Hotel – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/hyatt-hotel/ *Ritz-Carlton Hotel – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/ritz-carlton-hotel/ *Ooredoo Telecom – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/ooredoo-telecommunications/ *Qatar National Bank – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-national-bank/ *Qatar Duty Free – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-duty-free/ *Qatar Airways – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-airways *Qatar Petroleum – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-petroleum/ *Qatar Rail – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-rail/ *Rivoli Group – [...]

qatar jobs august 2015

Hi everyone, it’s now August and we have compiled the available job openings in Qatar from top companies this month. Please see the available opportunities by visiting each company page listed below. Job Opportunities in Qatar in August 2015 *Qatar Airways – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-airways *Qatar Rail – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-rail/ *Qatar Duty Free – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/qatar-duty-free/ *Hilton Hotel – https://qatarofw.com/jobs/hilton-hotel/ *Marriott [...]