Ministry of Interior Announces Amnesty for Illegal Residents

The Ministry of Interior announces an amnesty program for illegal residents in Qatar which is valid from 1st September 2016 to 2nd December 2016. This gives pardon to those who don’t have valid residence visas in the country and will bear no legal consequence if you file for it.

Many expatriates visit Qatar for a certain number of reasons: work, vacation, residency and etc. And it’s justifiable to process legal documents for your stay/visit in this country. However, some residents continue to reside in Qatar illegally. Now, the Ministry of Interior has granted amnesty for these illegal offenders.


MOI-Qatar Grants Pardon to Residents with Invalid Visa

To those who are violating the rules in terms of residency, below are some requirements that you need to present so you will be included in this amnesty program.

In order to depart the country, MOI requires documents from applicants within the amnesty period:

  • Valid passport
  • Embassy-issued travel documents (if no valid passport)
  • ID card or copy of entry visa
  • Airplane ticket or a ticket booked after 3 working days

The amnesty period will end on December 1, 2016.

Where to Process
Applicants should visit the Search & Follow up department when filing your documents.
Processing Time is from Sunday – Thursday 2 PM to 8 PM.


Source: Screenshot from MOI-Qatar Facebook Page

The MOI has considered the status or the conditions of our fellow expats in Qatar which is why they gave time for us to process our exit from this country. There will be no legal consequences an expat will face if you file for this on time.

Please contact the Search and Follow up Department for questions.

Contact Information
Search and Follow up Department contact info:
Phone : 44695333
Fax : 44602287
E-mail :