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qatar pinoy festival 2018

Qatar Pinoy Festival is an annual festival that commemorates the culture of the second largest population in Qatar. Visitors can witness Philippine culture first-hand, enjoying the various kinds of traditional Filipino food, and trying out Filipino clothes, among other activities. After exploring Qatar’s wonderful culture, experiencing the Pinoy Festival in this country will be a [...]


The Qatar National Library, the country’s largest library, is an amazing piece of architecture designed by Rem Koolhas. Koolhas is a famous architect that is known the world over, and he based his design of the library to resemble that of a folded paper. Indeed, the Qatar National Library is a great addition to the [...]

qatar karate empower sports center

While weekend activities are great, it’s equally awesome for kids to have some worthwhile activities to do during the weekends — specifically after class — especially if you are an expat mother in Qatar. That’s because the country has lots to offer in terms of giving your kids that necessary bonding time with friends. Plus, [...]

qatar motor show 2018

According to Fira Qatar, coordinators of the upcoming event, and the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), the eighth version of the Qatar Motor Show (QMS) will be held at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center on October 17-21, 2018. The event is fully supported by the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser [...]

iphone xs

Last Wednesday, Apple unveiled three brand new iPhones and a new Watch that can detect heart issues. If you’re a fan of Apple devices, then you should watch out for September 28, as it is the official date of release in Qatar for the new products. Among other things, you can use your brand new [...]

weekend activities in doha

Weekends in Doha are full of fun activities and getaways. Whether you’re the adventurous type or one who likes to visit tourist destinations or cultural spots, Doha can overwhelm you with a huge number of superb choices. Indeed, hanging out with your family or friends in Doha during the weekend is a good idea. Check [...]

admire doha's culture

One of the best things about visiting a new place is learning about its culture. It is an adventure for the mind, allowing visitors to truly grasp the essence of a nation. In Qatar, there are many places you can visit to admire the nation’s vibrant culture. Indeed, Qatar’s history is as colorful as the [...]

Do you like to eat sweets? Well, Qatar has numerous dessert spots for those who have a “sweet tooth”! Your sugary heart is sure to be overwhelmed by the number of great choices when it comes to desserts. Qatar offers many food spots that are popular for their amazingly good tasting knafeh, crepes, gelato, chocolate [...]

Permanent Residency Card

Good news for our dear expats who have been waiting for the implementation of the Permanent Residency Law! After the Qatar government approved the bill on permanent residency for qualified expats, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) recently held a press conference explaining the procedure for granting the Permanent Residency (PR) Card to qualified expatriates. A sample of the [...]

best coffee spots in doha

Do you like coffee? Did you know that Doha has lots of high quality coffee shops? Your choice of coffee spots in Doha depend on whether you like the cozy ones, the luxurious ones, those that offer great coffee, those with amazing food, those that are unique, and more! Plus, while you’re enjoying Qatar’s amazing [...]