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art space

Qatar can be enjoyed through engaging in adventurous activities, eating delicious food, or appreciating its culture. One culturally-rich way of discovering what this amazing country has to offer is by going to art centers. There are so many art centers, galleries, and exhibits in Qatar. This only shows that creativity is continually growing and thriving [...]

cigarette smoke

According to Gulf Times, the Qatar government’s Ministry of Public Health is planning to cut down tobacco use in the country by 30 percent. Qatar hopes to reach this goal by the year 2022, in a move that is directed towards a healthier nation. This goal is one of the main objectives of the National [...]

mental health

People with anxiety and depression in Qatar can go to several mental health organizations and institutions to address these problems. These places are geared towards providing a positive impact on patients and educating others about mental health through public campaigns. Aside from taking care of your bodies, taking care of your mind is just as [...]

qatar royal family indian jewellery exhibit 5

There are many good reasons to visit Qatar: beautiful places, breathtaking tourist destinations, and many more. Now, if  jewelries are of your interest, you can try to visit the exhibitions held by Qatar’s royal family. Recently, a member of Qatar’s ruling family held an exhibition dubbed as “East Meets West: Jewels of the Maharajas from the [...]

world cup

Qatar won its bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup back in 2010. Back then and until now, there are some critics pointing to several factors why Qatar isn’t a great host. For one, they say the country is too small, or that the climate is not ideal. But of course, the citizens of Qatar [...]


Filipinos are the fifth highest in terms of population among expatriates living in Qatar. This is equivalent to around 250,000 people! This means that Filipinos have provided a significant portion of the workforce that drives Qatar on a daily basis. Filipinos have contributed much to the success that Qatar is enjoying today. Some of the [...]

skydive qatar

Are you the adventurous type? Qatar is well known for its cultural offerings, tourist spots, and wonderful hotels where you can relax, but did you know that it also has some high adrenaline activities for the adventurous? While it is a small country, it is packed with fun-filled activities that are sure to cater to [...]


Good news for foreign workers in Qatar! In a social media post through Qatar News Agency, the government has approved a bill that provides support funds for foreign workers. There are approximately two million foreign employees in the country, and when this bill becomes a law, it will help ensure that these workers will be properly [...]

doha festival

Festivals are an integral part of Qatar society. If you are a tourist and visiting Qatar for the first time, you will find that no matter what time of year you’re visiting, there is almost always a festival celebration ongoing. Qatar has lots of festivals with various themes, some focusing on the wide variety of [...]

doha beach

It’s important to have healthy skin, but we all know that Qatar has a climate that doesn’t exactly help you achieve that! So it’s really important to intervene and take the following steps to take care of your skin, even under such an extreme climate. When it comes to taking care of your skin while [...]