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islamic legal system

The Islamic System of Law is also known as the Sharia Law. The primary source of its main principles come from the Holy Koran. In Qatar, the Sharia Law is its chief source of legislation. The Islamic System of Law implemented in Qatar applies to various aspects, including family, inheritance, and numerous criminal acts. Let’s [...]

qatar judiciary

The political system of a country is it’s way of making official decisions as a government. Qatar’s political system has an executive, legislative, and judicial branch that have worked so well together over the past couple of years, that the country has undergone a major rags to riches transformation. If you’re interested in visiting Qatar [...]

future of qatar

Many predictions about the future tend to fail, but this should not stop us from trying. Nations, corporations, and investors typically try to forecast by hiring consultants. These consultants try to gather as much data from around the world to learn more about trends in development. This will hopefully give them a better chance of [...]

things about qatar

There are a ton of reasons to visit Qatar. It has so many things to offer, so many places to visit and enjoy. If you’re visiting Qatar for the first time, it’s a good idea to be prepared. After all, as a general rule, failing to plan is planning to fail! In today’s article, we [...]

List of Catholic Churches in Qatar

Even though the Kingdom of Qatar is an Islamic country, the people here are able to practice their own faiths, beliefs and religions, including Hindus, Catholics, and other Christians. ALSO READ: Guide to Qatar – Basic Information At present, there are around 200,000 Catholics in the Kingdom. Many of them are expatriates from India, Lebanon, United [...]

living healthy qatar

It is important to become the healthiest version of yourself. In general, that means eating healthy foods, having an active lifestyle, knowing what nutrients your body needs, and making sure that your overall mental and physical well-being are in tiptop shape. When you’re in Qatar, you can do all of these things and more. Wherever [...]

recreational activities qatar

Qatar is a small nation, but it is such an exciting country, filled with loads of activities, sights and tourist attractions. The capital city, Doha, is not the only place you can go to for relaxation and enjoyment. The adventurous type can go to the more barren portions of the country! In this article, we [...]

high paying jobs qatar

Qatar has attracted thousands of migrants to work for the country for several reasons. One of these reasons is the relatively high pay that workers receive in the country. Plus, its tax-free! If you’re ready to explore the working environment in Qatar, you may want to ask yourself the question — what is the highest [...]

qatar travel alone

Travelling alone can be a spiritual experience, as you get to indulge yourself to the fullest extent. Without someone to travel with, you don’t have to bother with the other person’s preferences and biases; all you have is what you think! Sure enough, traveling alone has its disadvantages and dangers. You may feel lonely during [...]

restaurant owners qatar

If you’re in Qatar, you probably noticed the rising number of restaurants and food-related businesses. That’s because the restaurant industry is booming in this country! This trend is even evident on the social media site Instagram, where people mainly share beautiful pictures and hashtags about the things that make their life beautiful. On Instagram, Qataris [...]