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manzil health services qatar

To all registered nurses, please be advised of a job hiring opportunity for nurses by Manzil Healthcare Services, a private multi-disciplinary healthcare provider in the MENA region. They are looking for female nurses who have specific qualifications. Please check the details below for the requirements. Do make sure you are qualified for the position you are [...]

List of Qatar Public Holidays in 2019

Everyone is excited for the upcoming Qatar National Day celebrations, which is happening in just a few days! Just the same, many are looking forward to next year’s public holidays as well. ALSO READ: Annual Festivals in Qatar Similar to other Islamic countries, some of the public holidays in Qatar are based on local sightings of the moon. [...]

Qatar Gears Up for National Day Festivities on December 12 to 20

Every 18th of December, Qatar celebrates its National Day (Founder’s Day) in commemoration of Qatar’s unification in 1878. This will be the last in the list of the holidays in Qatar to be celebrated this year. As Founder’s Day approaches, the organizing committee of Qatar National Day (QND) has prepared a series of activities and programmes [...]

qatar night market

Are you the kind of person who enjoys a good night life? If so, then you’ll enjoy Qatar’s New Night Market located at Duhail Sports Club’s parking area. It opened on November 5, 2018 and ends on May 5, 2019, spanning six months that opens 4 pm to 3 am each day. Expect to find [...]

water sports

Sora Marine Training is located in The Diplomatic Club in West Bay, Doha. It has lots of activities, including wakeboarding and those involving powerboats. As an internationally recognized water sports and training club, it has many accreditation, including those from UK’s Royal Yachting Association and PADI. Sora Marine Training offers first-rate facilities with expert instructors [...]

doha book fair

From November 29 to December 8, Doha will host its 29th International Book Fair, with the theme, “Doha, a City of Knowledge and Conscience.” This event is organized by the country’s Ministry of Culture and Sports, specifically the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Center, and will have Russia as the guest of honor, in lieu of [...]

art space

Qatar can be enjoyed through engaging in adventurous activities, eating delicious food, or appreciating its culture. One culturally-rich way of discovering what this amazing country has to offer is by going to art centers. There are so many art centers, galleries, and exhibits in Qatar. This only shows that creativity is continually growing and thriving [...]

cigarette smoke

According to Gulf Times, the Qatar government’s Ministry of Public Health is planning to cut down tobacco use in the country by 30 percent. Qatar hopes to reach this goal by the year 2022, in a move that is directed towards a healthier nation. This goal is one of the main objectives of the National [...]

mental health

People with anxiety and depression in Qatar can go to several mental health organizations and institutions to address these problems. These places are geared towards providing a positive impact on patients and educating others about mental health through public campaigns. Aside from taking care of your bodies, taking care of your mind is just as [...]

qatar royal family indian jewellery exhibit 5

There are many good reasons to visit Qatar: beautiful places, breathtaking tourist destinations, and many more. Now, if  jewelries are of your interest, you can try to visit the exhibitions held by Qatar’s royal family. Recently, a member of Qatar’s ruling family held an exhibition dubbed as “East Meets West: Jewels of the Maharajas from the [...]