5 Repair Centers in Doha for Your Gadgets

Nowadays, our gadgets play a significant role in our daily lives. From sunrise to sunset, these are part of our daily activities. It is undeniable that these devices make our lives easier. 

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Not surprisingly, it would be difficult to get our schedule on track if our favorite device gets broken. The good news is that you can find reliable repair shops in Doha.

cell phone repair

Bring Your Gadgets for Repair

When your favorite gadget malfunctions or needs a system upgrade, help is readily available. There’s no need to discard your device. 

Instead, you can explore the list of service centers throughout Qatar. Find the one closest to you to get the task done quickly.

Real Expert Services

With a team of technicians offering repair of electronics including laptops and cellular phones, Real Expert Services can fix any gadgets in a timely manner and at prices you can afford. Their specialties include fixing the broken screens and motherboard of laptops, as well as repairing mobile phones. 

  • Address: Ground Floor Suhaim Tower near QIB, C Ring Rd, Doha
  • Phone: +974 3319 5577
  • Opening Time: Mon to Sun, 9 am to 9 pm (closed on Fridays)
  • Social Media: Real Expert Services Facebook Page 


When you need to have your gadgets repaired, but could not leave your home or office, WeFix has the solution for you. The shop offers pick up of your gadget whether you are at home or at work. The team at WeFix specializes in repairing mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, printers, and even smartwatches. Count on WeFix for quality service, as it is part of the Startech Middle East WLL group.

Repair Shop QA

For cell phone screen, overheating, or software issues, Repair Shop QA’s technicians can quickly resolve problems regardless of the brand. Their services also cover laptops, motherboards, and smartwatches, providing comprehensive solutions for all your gadget concerns.


ClickNFix offers various repair services especially on concerns regarding the screen, mic or speaker, network, and software issues. With over 25 service centers nationwide, you can conveniently bring your gadget for repair. To streamline service requests, visit their website to book a service using WhatsApp or a phone call.

Computer Plaza WLL

For a reliable repair service on phones, tablets, and laptops, you can go to Computer Plaza WLL can get the job done in no time.  

  • Address: Gharafa Market for Mobile, Al Gharafa, Qatar
  • Business Hours: Mon to Sun – 10 am to 12 noon
  • Phone: +974 5564 0587

How to Extend the Battery Life of Your Gadgets

Now that your cellphones, laptops, and tablets are in good condition, your next concern would be to use them with or without a power source. This is where having a fully functional battery is important. After all, it’s not easy to replace the batteries of some of your favorite gadgets. If you can maximize the use of the battery you have, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

First, let’s differentiate between battery lifespan and battery life. When you say battery lifespan, you are referring to the number of months or years before you have to replace the battery. On the other hand, battery life refers to the number of hours or days that you can use your gadget after a single charge.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of your battery:

Turn on power saving mode of your cell phone.

When you are in a situation where you know that you will use the battery longer than you have to, then you have to use the power saving mode of your cell phone. In doing so, the phone will minimize the use of other apps that usually use the battery the most. When the power saving mode is in effect, you might notice that the phone’s brightness is reduced or some apps have limited use. 

Depending on the phone you are using, you can turn on the battery saving mode by going to the Settings and Battery. 

Close unused apps on your laptop and use airplane mode.

In cases where you want to unplug the laptop from the power source, it would help to use the battery wisely. One way to do this is to close the apps that you are not using. For instance, if you are only answering emails, then you can close other tabs that you no longer need. Then if you decide to switch to another task,  you can close the tab that you used for sending emails and concentrate on the current task you are doing. Most importantly, if you no longer need web access, you can set your laptop to airplane mode. Not only will you save battery, but you will also eliminate distractions while you work. 

Turn off location and wireless service of your cell phone.

Did you know that signals being sent to your phone can also reduce the battery life? So if your wi-fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data are always turned on, you might notice that your battery life drains faster. Make the battery last longer by going into airplane mode.

Close apps that consume more battery life.

When you are using multiple apps and processes all at the same time, you can be sure that the battery life will be used more quickly. If you are using Windows you can go to “Settings” to see which apps use the most battery. For Mac users, you can find this information by going to “Users and Groups.”  Once you know which apps take up the most battery life, you can turn these off in the meantime.

Carry a battery backup.

If your workflow will be affected with the short battery life of your gadgets, the best solution would be to carry a battery backup. Make sure that the extra battery is compatible with the one you are currently using. You should also remember to charge this back up often.

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