How Qatar is Using Local Talent to Beautify Doha

As Qatar continues to make efforts to make its cities more beautiful, it doesn’t forget its rich cultural heritage. The result: a seamless combination of modernity and culture, which is evident in the country’s incredible architectural landscape. Doha is sprinkled with architectural wonders that incorporate designs merging the traditional and futuristic.

One of the best things the Qatar government has done for its beautification goals is to solicit the help of local talent. This impressive move is overseen by four government entities, altogether working for a common objective: the Development of Central Doha Area.

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Local Talent Tapped by Qatar Government to Develop Central Doha

The Development of Central Doha project is led by the Technical Committee for Artworks, which is a committee that has representatives from various sectors of the government of Qatar. These sectors include the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Qatar Museums, and the Public Works Authority.

This committee has given local artists, both citizens and residents, a chance to be a part of a beautification drive for the capital city of Doha. These artists are encouraged to submit how they propose to make the city more beautiful through artworks.

Selection of Artists

After proposals have been received, the committee will then decide which artists are assigned in various locations, including Grand Hamad Street, Al Qubaib Mosque Plaza, Al Meena Street Intersection, and more. Once this project is completed, Doha will surely transform into a city that is basically a living artwork, with stunning paintings anywhere you look.

What Makes Doha Beautiful

In Qatar, most of its population lives in the capital city. There’s so much to do in Doha, and there are so many wonderful sights. Doha’s oil production has made it one of the busiest ports among Gulf nations, and the influx of wealth has made it one of the primary commercial centers in the region as well.

The first thing that will definitely surprise you when visiting Doha for the first time, is the traditional and modern fusion, which seemingly fits perfectly well together that it doesn’t look forced. Look one way and you’ll see towering skyscrapers, look the other and you will see crowded streets filled with people wearing traditional clothes.

The capital city has many amazing sights, including the National Museum, the Doha fort, zoological gardens, traditional bazaars, and a plethora of beautiful mosques. Indeed, Doha, is a wonderful sight to be hold, and it is currently trying to preserve its artistic reputation with the help of local talent.