Doha Metro: Cheapest Public Transportation in Qatar

The cheapest public transportation in Qatar is the new Doha Metro. It is designed to be one of the most advanced automated rail networks in the world. More importantly, this new railway alone makes the country’s public transportation system many times better! That is good news for the government of Qatar, since it has received flak in the past for not having a good public transportation system despite being a very rich country.

In fact, the country is showcasing the Doha Metro as the back bone of Qatar’s long term plan of having an integrated public transport system. This new plan aims to change, for the better, the way citizens and residents of Qatar move and travel around the nation.

doha metro
Image Credit: Doha Metro Facebook Page

Why Qatar’s Doha Metro is Great

Doha Metro

The Doha Metro is composed of three lines; the Red line, the Green line and the Gold line. The Red line is a 40 km line which starts from Al Wakra to Lusail, and connects Hamad International Airport’s terminal 1 to the city center.

Meanwhile, the Green line starts from the East at Al Mansoura to the West at Al Riffa. This line has eleven stations, including stops at famous locations in Qatar, like the Qatar National Library, Education City, Hamad Hospital and more. Finally, the Gold line starts from Ras Bu Aboud to Al Aziziyah. Like the Green line, the Gold line also has 11 stations, stopping at the Qatar National Museum, Souq Waqif, Sport City and Al Aziziyah and more.

How Cheap is the Doha Metro?

The video above discusses the importance of having a cheap railway system in Qatar. The vlogger also mentioned the price: 2 riyals for a ride which basically lets you go wherever you want. Before the Doha Metro existed, it was expensive to move from place to place since you had to rent an uber.

The Metro Station

In and of itself, the Metro Station is really a fascinating piece of architecture and design. It feels like an airport. Its so clean and new. When you’re in the metro station, it feels like you’re going home to the Philippines, because it really looks and feels like an airport. Qatar government really spent a lot for the Doha Metro.

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, and slowly the country is developing its infrastructure and transportation network. In addition, Qatar is repairing lots of roads. Even the ones that still look okay are being repaired and replaced. With these new advancements, someday Qatar will become a tourist destination the likes of Dubai.

The Doha Metro Experience

When you first enter the Doha Metro, you have to pay the fare at a reception area. The fares are as follows: 2 riyals for a single journey for Standard travel, 6 riyals for goldClub travel. If you want to purchase a day pass, the standard fare is worth 6 riyals, while the goldClub price is 30 riyals. You can also buy a travel card, which is 10 riyals for the standard traveler and 100 riyals for the goldClub.

Qatar’s Doha Metro is one of the most advanced driverless trains in the world. It is also the fastest in the region. Since it is really cheap as well, this new railway system will surely accelerate the development and modernization of the country’s public transportation system. Now more than ever, going from one place to another within Qatar is so much easier.