Cost of Living in Qatar as a Family

Qatar is a great place to start a second home with your family. If you’re planning to move to Qatar with your family, you should be aware of the advantages of doing so. For one, accommodation and housing should be a breeze. That’s because new apartments and compounds are being built on a regular basis, and usually they are modern with some really nice amenities, like swimming pools and cafes.

Bringing your family to Qatar is also nice because you won’t have a hard time establishing new friendships; always a crucial part of adjusting to a new environment. In Qatar, you will automatically belong to a really close expat community. Doha also provides lots of activities for kids and their parents, and there are many tourist destinations which will make your stay unforgettable. So how much does a family in Qatar spend? The following tips will serve as a guide.

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Usual Expenses of a Family in Qatar

Check out the following Youtube video of a family in Qatar. They mentioned facts about the country as well as their expenses as a family.


Housing expenses depend on many factors; the kind of house your staying in, where you are located, etc. But one important factor is your employment in Qatar. That’s because sometimes, your employer or agency provides free housing. If you don’t have free accommodation, you can choose to rent, and the prices vary depending on the amenities and the location. Some employers give housing allowance, which you can use to help alleviate rental expenses. For example, if you are renting a 45 square meter furnished studio, that might cost you QR 3,662, which is equivalent to Php 51,040. If possible, you can stay at a one bedroom apartment which costs around QR 1700 – QR 2500, or Php24,000 – 35,000.


Aside from housing allowance, some employers also provide educational allowance, especially if expats have a family status. While tuition fees are high, you can be assured that the quality of education in the country is excellent. According to 2020 figures, semestral rates from Year 1 increase to Year 13, starting at Year 13 with a semestral school fee of QR 29,760 to QR 47, 047 by Year 13. These are just the average rates from 89 schools in Qatar according to the Edarabia website.


It is ideal that you have your own car as a family in Qatar. Having said that, the public transportation in the country is good. That includes the railway system, buses, taxis and taxi limousines. One recent public transportation system is the Doha Metro which opened last year. It is a rapid transit system located in Doha. With three lines, the driver-less trains at the Metro can reach speeds of up to 100 km/hr. Ticket rates for the Doha Metro are QR 2 for holders of the Standard card, QR 6 for a day pass, and QR 10 for Gold club members.


Clothing in Qatar is usually more expensive than in the Philippines. The best time to buy clothes is during sales or promo periods. A pair of jeans in Qatar costs around QR 245. A summer dress in a high street store like H&M costs QR 223. Sports shoes typically cost QR 332, while business shoes cost QR 453.

Food and Groceries

According to the Youtube video, food and groceries is becoming more expensive in Qatar these days. When you eat out at the business district, a typical lunch is worth QR 43. A combo meal in a fast food restaurant costs QR 21. Some regular grocery items include QR 7 for 1 liter milk, QR 15 for a dozen large eggs, QR 4.86 for 1 kg tomatoes, QR 25 for 500 grams of local cheese, QR 5.26 for Bread for 2 people in one day.


Qatar is well-known around the world for having an excellent healthcare system. The health services provided are not limited to Qatari citizens; expats also receive excellent healthcare. To do so, you need to register and obtain a health card, which is your access card for health services. Through the health card, you also get discounts on billing or medicine expenses.


Depending on how often you use the telephone, cellphone, or internet, communication-related bills can get really high in Qatar. however, the good news is that Qatar’s internet speed is one of the fastest among Middle Eastern countries. Internet at 8 mbps costs QR 272 per month.

Indeed, living in Qatar as a family is a rewarding experience. With its rich history and culture, it will be a joy for your family to adapt to the traditions and lifestyle of your second home.