Salary of Engineers in Qatar

There are many job opportunities for professionals in Qatar. Engineers, in particular, can find a job in one of the many companies in the country.

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One can be hired as a local or through an agency. Although some companies prefer applicants who have previous work experience in the Middle East, even first-timers can still be employed.

Monthly Expenses

How Much Does an Engineer Make?

When we hear that someone we know is working abroad, one of the questions in our mind is their salary.  In this post, we will discuss the average salary of an engineer working in Qatar. We will also discuss their monthly expenses to give a better idea of how to prepare a budget.

Let’s say a newly-hired engineer is offered a monthly salary of 7,100 QAR. Some expats have an “ALL IN” arrangement with the employees. Under this set-up, the engineer will be the one to find his accommodation (or apartment) and transportation to get to work. Here is a projected monthly expense:

Accommodation                               600 QAR

Transportation                                  300 QAR

Food                                               500 QAR

Mobile Allowance                            100 QAR

In sum, the newly-hired expat will spend around 1,500 QAR for the monthly expenses. If we deduct the expense from the income, he will have around 5,600 QAR for his use. The costing presented here is for discussion only. Some expenses can get higher if the expat wants a more convenient or faster service.

For instance, transportation costs may get higher if the expat wants to take a taxi when going out. But to lessen the expenses, perhaps the expat may want to start using the bus or Metro.  These are cheaper options and still serve the purpose.

Food expenses can also be managed. The food budget will get bigger if the expat will always eat out. To bring this cost down, why not try cooking at home? There are many cooking shows online, which can be followed when preparing meals. The expat can prepare a bigger batch and freeze the rest for the other day.

On the other hand, some companies provide accommodation and transportation to the employees. With this setup, the expat will be able to save a significant portion of his salary. Some apartments also have free wifi, so the occupants will no longer have to spend extra to connect to the internet.

Once again, the amounts presented here may be higher or lower depending on the actual job offer.  Salaries will get higher as the employee gets more experience.

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