Ministry Loosens Restrictions on Some Decisions

In light of the recent development regarding the pandemic, Qatar officials recently implemented regulations with lesser restrictions. In the last two months, several measures were introduced to ensure the health and safety of the people.

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As of June 4, 2020, amended policies on work hours, car passengers, and sports activities were implemented.  Cabinet officials continue to work on implementing precautionary measures.

Buses Can Run on Half Its Capacity

Four Revised Decisions to Take Effect This Week

Cabinet officials eased some restrictions on the measures they have implemented in the past two months. These revised policies took effect on June 4, 2020.

Here is the post from Government Communications Office:

  1. Private sector employees can now work from 7 AM to 8 PM, Sunday to Thursday. Previously, employees can only work from 7 AM to 1 PM.

However, these sectors are exempted from following the 7 AM to 8 PM work hours:  food stores, pharmacies, factories, delivery companies, petroleum stations and car services, car repair shops, hospitality companies, telecommunications companies, maintenance and repair companies, restaurants and coffee shops, bakeries, logistics companies, and contracting and engineering companies.

  1. Sports activities can now be held even outside one’s residence. Participants will not be required to wear face masks. But they are still expected to follow safety protocols such as observing social distancing.
  2. Four passengers, including the driver, can now ride together in a car. Families are exempted from this ruling. In previous decisions, only two passengers are allowed.
  3. Buses can accommodate passengers to half its capacity, while still observing precautionary measures.

Similarly, several supermarkets have now required shoppers to present their Ehteraz App. Only those who have a green code are allowed inside. A green code means that the individual is healthy. The other codes are grey, yellow, and red. In some reports, even QIDs have to be presented before entering these establishments.

Recent reports from health officials say that Qatar has succeeded in flattening the curve. Also, the impact of the pandemic was reduced to 75%. And these developments are due to the safety measures implemented during the last two months. The community’s cooperation also helped in reaching this achievement.

We all look forward to containing the outbreak. We also strive to adapt to the new normal. To achieve this, everyone will still need to do their share in adhering to the precautionary measures. Wear a face mask for your protection, and for the people around you, when going out. Always sanitize hands to prevent the spread of germs. These are basic steps but will go a long way in preventing the spread of germs and other diseases.

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