Guidelines on Reopening of Malls

Beginning June 15, 2020, some restrictions implemented in Qatar will be gradually lifted. The lifting of restrictions is a four-part phase which begins this month until September.

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One of the sectors that will have lesser restrictions is the mall. Some shops will be allowed to reopen, but will still be subject to precautions and other safety measures.

Guidelines on Reopening of Malls

Dos and Dont’s For Mall Goers

In the first phase of the gradual lifting of restrictions in Qatar, malls and shopping centers will be allowed to reopen. Starting on June 15, 2020, the hours of operation will be from 8 AM to 8 PM but will be closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

These establishments are allowed to reopen:

  • Shops with floor areas of 300 square meters and above.
  • Restaurants offering delivery and takeout. Dine-in is still not allowed.
  • Sweets shops such as ice cream, cakes, pastries, honey and dates.

These establishments will remain closed:

  • Gaming centers
  • Amusement parks
  • Skateboard arenas
  • Prayer rooms
  • Cinemas

Here are the guidelines to be followed when entering the malls:

  • Only those with a green code in their Ehteraz app will be allowed inside.
  • Shoppers will wear face masks all the time. Those not wearing face masks will not be allowed to enter.
  • Individuals who are less than 12 years old and more than 60 years old are not allowed inside.
  • Individuals whose temperatures are 38 degrees Celsius and above will not be allowed inside.
  • Everyone shall use hand sanitizers provided.
  • Shoppers will observe two-meter distance from others.
  • Parking space should only be half of its total capacity.
  • Mall goers to occupy only 30% of the mall’s capacity.
  • Smoking will not be allowed in the entrances. Ashtrays will be removed.
  • Cars and shoppers will not be allowed to crowd the mall entrances.

Dos and Dont’s for Shops and Retail Outlets

  • Checking of body temperature of staff. Isolate the staff who will show symptoms of the virus. Report the case to health officials.
  • To allow employees who are 60 years old and above and those who are pregnant to work remotely.
  • Install safe distancing markers on the floor to serve as a guide to the mall-goers.
  • Follow the rule of allowing one customer per nine square meters of the store’s floor area.
  • Encourage the use of credit cards or debit cards rather than cash when paying for purchases.
  • Sterilize store’s facilities continuously. This includes the back office and delivery areas, which should be cleaned every day.

Here is the post from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry:

These guidelines may change depending on the recent development. Once again, the people of Qatar are called on to cooperate to ensure the success of this decision. Everyone’s safety depends on this success.

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