5 Reasons to Visit Al Bayt Stadium

The World Cup Fever is alive in Qatar as it hosts the tournament in 2022. Preparations are ongoing as stadiums are being completed before the event.

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The Al Bayt Stadium will be one of the venues for the sporting event.  It has a huge seating capacity to accommodate football fans.

Al Bayt Stadium Park
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A Venue for Football Fans

One of the recently completed stadiums that will be used in the FIFA® World Cup is the Al Bayt Stadium, which is located in Al Khor City. Whether or not you are a football fan, here are 5 reasons to visit this newest stadium:

  1. Its design is inspired by the Arab tent, or the bayt al sha’ar, used by ancient Qataris in the desert. The chosen design for this stadium serves as a link to Qatar’s past and present.  The black stripes that used to identify the tents of the ancient Qatari tribes can also be seen in the stadium’s exterior.
  2. It has a unique cooling system that the fans and athletes can enjoy. The roof of the stadium is also retractable, which allows the cool temperature inside.
  3. It can seat 60,000 spectators since it will host the semi-finals round of the game. The seats are divided into three tiers.
  4. From Hamad International Airport, Al Bayt Stadium can be accessed by bus, taxi, and Doha Metro. All the stadiums are located near the train station, so fans can easily transfer from one venue to another. There are also bike paths around the venue, for those who want to use their bicycles. Water taxis will also be available as means of transportation. Ample parking space is also available to those who will bring their cars.
  5. Its sustainable design can be reused even after the event. The parts of the stadium can be taken apart and repurposed for other projects. In fact, it was announced that the upper half of the stadium will be donated to other developing nations when the world cup is over.

If these reasons are not enough, you can come to Al Khor to see the developments made around the stadium. A shopping center and hospital will soon be added to the complex. The roads are wider, to accommodate the huge number of visitors. Parks located outside have running and cycling tracks to promote physical activities, especially for adults. Children will also enjoy the play areas available.

Contact Information:

Address:  Al Khor, Qatar

Telephone Number: +974 3142 9003

Website: https://www.qatar2022.qa/en/stadiums/al-bayt-stadium

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