Don’t Miss Out on These Technologies in FIFA World Cup 2022

Are you a football fanatic? If you are in Qatar, you must be feeling the excitement over the upcoming World Cup in 2022 even if you are not much of a fan.

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With only a few months left, Qatar is continuously preparing for this sporting event. As the host country, Qatar will be using various technologies so the fans and audience alike will enjoy watching the games.

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Innovative FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Qatar is hosting the upcoming World Cup in 2022. It is the first time that the country will hold such a big event. For many months, Qatar has been preparing for this sporting event including the stadiums and transportation.

Fans who will attend the games will get to witness the technologies that will be used in each event. If you are curious about these innovations, you might want to purchase a ticket or two to show your support. Enjoy the football experience while in a world-class venue.

Here are some automation to look out for:

  • Wifi and charging stations

If you ever need to charge your phone while watching any of the games, you can go to any EIP Palm station. You can use the USB port or go wireless to recharge your phone. You can also connect to the wifi hotspot while waiting.

Each EIPalm station creates electricity through solar panels.

  • Navigation technology

If you are feeling lost around Doha or the venues, you can avail of navigational tools to find your way. First is the NavBuddy Qatar, to navigate crowded areas with ease. You can quickly find the nearest washroom or food kiosk through this tool.

Next are the sensors all over Doha. You can use your smartphone to connect to these apps. You can plan your route to avoid traffic as you head to the stadium.

  • Food Delivery or Pick Up

During the game, you won’t have to worry about missing all the actions just because you feel hungry. You can use an app to deliver your food while you are at any of the stadiums. Asapp offers food delivery within the venue. Or you can also request to pick up the food so you don’t have to wait long.

  • Bathroom technology

There is even technology in the bathroom during the World Cup. The urinals are waterless and capable of trapping odors. Sensors shut off the faucets. The aerators reduce water usage.

  • Handicap friendly

The sporting event will be accessible even for those with disabilities. There will be various technologies in each venue.

Bonocle uses braille to help those with visual impairment. This technology translates the digital content into braille so that those who cannot see clearly can still enjoy the games.

Feelix Palm also uses braille to send impulses through the hand. The visually impaired can wear this technology, through VR headsets or hardware, so they can still move freely.

Sensory viewing rooms for young sports fans with autism or other sensory processing conditions. These rooms will help the youngster to focus on the games while staying in a quiet environment.

Fans will not have to worry about the heat in the venues. The stadiums have cooling technologies that can adjust to the number of people inside. Whether it will be cold or warm outside, every venue will be chilly and comfortable.


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