2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar is Still On

FIFA President Gianni Infantino says that the 2022 World Cup will still go on despite the current crisis that Qatar is undergoing. On December 2, 2010, FIFA announced that Qatar was chosen to host the World Cup in 2022. With that, the Qatari government started the preparations for hosting the big event which will happen in five and a half years. However, recent turn of events with other Gulf countries has raised some concerns to sports enthusiasts.

The FIFA World Cup is touted as the biggest football competition in the world. It is played every four years. Senior men’s national teams from the 208 Member Associations of FIFA are qualified to join.

fifa world cup qatar
Qatar FIFA 2022 World Cup still pushing through photo credit: Pixabay

2022 Qatar World Cup to Continue

FIFA president Gianni Infantino does not believe the diplomatic crisis will threaten the World Cup in 2022.
photo credit: MOFA

In an interview, Infantino said that he is confident that the issue Qatar is facing now will not

cause any problems with hosting the event in 2022. According to Le Matin Dimanche and Sonntagszeitung, Swiss newspapers, Infantino believes that the diplomatic crisis will be resolved by that time.

This will be the first time that the World Cup will be held in an Arab country. In previous competitions, the event is held for a month at venues allotted by the host country. When Qatar hosts the World Cup, the competition will be held for 28 days, and will culminate on Qatar National Day.  Currently, Qatar is 88th in the world ranking.