Qatar will not Require Other Nationalities to Leave the Country

Residents from nations that are hostile with Qatar can still stay, according to a statement from the Ministry of Interior.  Although the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE have ordered Qatari residents to leave their countries, Qatar will not retaliate.

For the Qatari government, it is important to uphold the nation’s firm beliefs and principles. Thus, would avoid political conflicts with other states and government when dealing with their people.

Foreign Nationals can Still Stay in Qatar

A statement from the Ministry of Interior says,” Qatar did not take any measures against its residents who hold the nationalities of brotherly and friendly countries that severed diplomatic ties or lowered diplomatic representations with Qatar, on the back of hostile and tendentious campaigns against the country.”

The residents can still stay in Qatar if (1) they have work contracts duly approved by their countries of origin or (2) as indicated in their entry visa.