Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) Assures Food Supply is Stable in Qatar

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) released a statement to assure that there are enough food supply and consumer products in Qatar despite the ongoing crisis with other Gulf countries, which started in June 5, 2017. This is in response to news of panic buying in the supermarkets.

MEC further states that importing of food and other goods will continue normally. The Qatari government has implemented a plan so the country will not be affected by the ongoing crisis.

Enough food supply in Qatar, says MEC

Below are the full statements based on common questions asked about the economy and commerce in Qatar:

Will the Qatari market be affected by the severing of diplomatic ties and the closure of land borders with some neighboring countries?

  • Qatar will not be affected because of the availability of strategic reserves of basic food commodities
  • The import of all food and consumer goods from different sources and countries continues normally

Did the government put in place an emergency plan to deal with such crises?

  • There is a government plan that is activated under such circumstances to ensure that the State is not affected by any events
  • Abundant quantities of food and consumer products exist in the market

Qatar imports some products through land? Will the Qatari market be affected and will it face shortages when it comes to these products?

  • The market will not be affected because the sweeping majority of products are imported through air and maritime ports
  • The Ministry is coordinating with importers to ensure imports continue normally while alternative plans exist to face any shortages in commodities

Will the prices of products be affected by the recent developments in the region?

  • Prices are stable and will not be affected particularly that the prices of most consumer and food products have been fixed and any change would require coordination with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce
  • All residents in the State of Qatar will not be affected and the Ministry stresses that the market situation is normal

We hope that these statements from MEC will ease everyone’s concerns. Let us not add to the confusion brought about by the current crisis.