UPDATE: Qatar to Close Some Cafes and Restaurants

A recent circular from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry says that effective March 22, 2020, all restaurants, cafes, food outlets and mobile vehicles in sports clubs, Doha Corniche, Al Khor, Lusail and Aspire Park are temporarily closed. Earlier circulars gave instructions on which establishments can continue their operations.

This directive is part of the precautionary measures implemented by the state to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. At present, there are close to 500 confirmed cases in Qatar.

qatar to close cafes restaurants


Food Establishments to Close Temporarily

A new circular from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry orders all restaurants, cafes, food outlets and mobile vehicles located in sports clubs, Doha Corniche, Al Khor Lusail and Aspire Park to be temporarily closed beginning March 22, 2020. This directive is announced through the ministry’s Twitter account.

Here is the circular:

Qatar is continuously implementing safety measures against COVID-19. It has the highest number of cases in the Gulf Region. According to the Ministry of Public Health, the new cases are reportedly coming from those who recently arrived in Qatar.

Previous circular allow indoor restaurants and cafes to operate, but are only allowed to provide takeout orders and delivery. Another circular also ordered the temporary closure of street vendors specifically those who operate carts and bikes. Food establishments were also reminded to follow health standards to avoid health risk caused by virus and bacteria.

Safety Measures Observed in Qatar

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment also implemented safety measures to contain the virus. Health officers are checking retail shops for compliance in hygiene requirements. They also check the quality of food sold in food establishments.  Officials also conduct cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing containers in various municipalities to ensure cleanliness in the region. The importance of public hygiene is also being promoted to the different municipalities.

Everyone is also reminded to observe social distancing. Since the coronavirus outbreak began, people are reminded to avoid crowded areas or stay home.

Some offices have introduced shortened working hours. Government transactions are now conducted online. Mobile apps are introduced so that clients no longer have to go to the service centers.

The Ministry of Public Health has also set up a hotline (16000) where people can call for latest information regarding the virus

The state is committed to provide a safe environment to its people. While the number of positive cases is growing every day, there have also been cases of recovery.

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