Qatar Closes Malls, Shopping Centers, Barber Shops, Spas and Mosques

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that establishments namely: malls, shopping centers, barber shops and spas will be closed until further notice starting March 18, 2020. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic affairs also issued a directive regarding the temporary closure of mosques, five obligatory prayers and Friday prayers also beginning on March 18.

These establishment and places of worship were ordered to close temporarily to prevent further spread of COVID-19. Once the epidemic has passed, the Ministry of Public Health will coordinate with authorities to approve reopening of these places of gathering.

Establishments Closed Beginning March 18, 2020

In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, ministry officials directed several places to be closed until further notice. Usual places where people gather, like mosques, malls, shopping centers for men and women, barbers shops, and spas were ordered to temporarily close.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry released, “A Circular on the Closure of Malls, Shopping Centers, Barbershops, and Beauty Salons.” Here is the content of the said circular:

“Following the preventive and precautionary measures taken by the State of Qatar to combat and limit the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and based on the circulars issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry aimed at ensuring the safety of all citizens and residents, the following was decided:

  • First: to close retail outlets and bank branches in malls and shopping centers with the exception of shops selling food and pharmacies.
  • Second: to close all the shops that perform barbering and hair-cutting in addition to barbershops and beauty salons until further notice.
  • Third: to halt massage activities and services in hotels, salons and massage outlets until further notice.
  • Fourth: to halt the services provided by some beauty salons and barbershops at homes.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry stresses that perpetrators who breach or violate these decisions will be held accountable.

Decision implementation begins on March 18, 2020.”

Furthermore, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs also directed the closure of mosques, including stopping the group’s prayers with its five obligatory prayers and Friday prayers, starting March 18. According to the Ministry, these are precautionary measures to prevent worshipers and the society from harm due to the Coronavirus.  And once the health authorities deemed that the danger from the virus has passed, competent authorities will announce the reopening of mosques.

Here is the tweet from the Ministry: