5 Job Search Tips from Qatar Government

There are many reasons why Qatar is a great place to launch a career. For one, the pay in this country is lucrative. Being one of the richest countries in the world, Qatar has all the financial resources needed for employees to enjoy a comfortable life. Moreover, Qatar is constantly thinking about the future, and finding ways and means to sustain this economic stability for years and even decades to come.

Where should you look for jobs in Qatar? Well, this previous article provides some tips on how to find a job in Qatar. It includes some practical tips such as making an impressive CV and impact letter. But the government of Qatar, through its online portal, has some tips for job seekers as well.

qatar job search

Qatar Government Tips on How to Find a Job

1. Check Out Local Newspapers

Qatar has several local newspapers such as the Qatar Tribune and Gulf Times. Both websites have classified advertising where you can find the latest job openings in the country. For example, the Gulf Times has a classified tab in its website where you can download the latest classified ads as PDF files. These ads are updated on a daily basis. The classifieds show not just job openings but also rentals and services.

2. Check Out Job Banks Online

Perhaps a more straight forward and convenient way to look for jobs is to look up online job banks such as Gulf Talent and Monster Gulf. Gulf Talent has more than 9000 registered companies, and all you have to do is create an account so you can access the jobs posted in the website. Monster Gulf requires that you log in as well, but in the first page you can immediately see a list of available jobs which you can sort by relevance or freshness.

3. Visit Official Websites

Is there a particular company in Qatar where you want to work in? If so, then you can always look up these companies online and visit their official websites. In addition, there are organizations that are specifically tasked to recruit people, or provide manpower services. You can visit their websites as well. Some of the best companies to work for in Qatar include Qatar Airways (perhaps the best airlines in the world), Qatar Foundation, Qatar Petroleum, which has the sizable task of exploring, transporting, refining, producing and storing oil and gas in the country, Qatar National Bank and Ooredoo, an international telecommunications company based in the capital city of Doha.

4. Try LinkedIn and Other Related Social Media Sites

LinkedIn is the most popular employment and business oriented service in the internet. Here you can establish your professional network in Qatar. Maybe you can follow or even message potential employers and prospect companies to work in. You can create a LinkedIn profile which is updated, lets people know you’re available for a job, is comprehensive and highlights your skills, and more.

5. Web Forums

You can check out Web Forums as well. Some forums are made specifically for job discussions, but others are more general and just happen to have a discussion on Qatar-based jobs. Check out websites like Trip Advisor and Expat and look up Job Discussion Forums where you might happen to find a job opening you need.

All of the entries in this list showcase the value and convenience that the internet brings to finding jobs in Qatar. Take advantage of this resource wisely. Find the right job that suits your skills and interests and soon you’ll be living the dream of working in Qatar.