Advantages of Working as an Expat in Qatar

There are many advantages to working in Qatar. You don’t have to pay taxes as an employee in this rich country, after all! However, it’s more than the money you’ll be earning. Working in Qatar is a wonderful experience in its own right, and experiencing its unique culture is perhaps more rewarding than the financial gains you will surely enjoy.

Qatar is filled with people from different parts of the world. As you mingle with international co-workers, not just the locals, you get to learn their language and culture, and you develop a sense of global belonging, which makes you a citizen of the world. With these alone, it pays to migrate to Qatar and start a fresh career!

doha skyline

Qatar: A Great Country for Expat Workers

If you are brave enough to leave the Philippines and work in Qatar, it may be hard at first, missing your family and hometown, but the rewards are satisfying and you will definitely grow as an individual.

1. Connecting with Other Cultures

As mentioned, as an expat, you will learn to appreciate the culture of the Qatari locals as well as other nationalities that you will be working with. Not only that, you will learn to appreciate the Filipino culture even more. You will soon realize that the differences and similarities of your culture and others all make you a special individual and that makes the world rich and wonderful!

2. Establishing Linkages


By working with people of different cultures, your network of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances expands significantly. Developing good relationships with these people often lead to better opportunities as a professional. You will learn new skills as doors open to new opportunities.

3. Learning to be Independent


Being in a different country, you are forced to be independent and confident. For many expats, your family won’t be there to your rescue when you need help, but in a way this is a blessing in disguise. You get to build your character. You get to know how to survive, how to remove the feelings of homesickness or loneliness and move on. If you can survive this chapter in your life, then you will feel that you can survive anything!

4. Qatar is a Great Country

Among countries in the Middle East, Qatar is the second happiest place to live in, according to the World Happiness Report of 2018. It is also the 32nd in the world rankings. What makes Qatar great is that it is safe for expats, plus delicious food, nice weather, great for sports lovers, awesome healthcare services, and so much more!

So there you have it. These are just four of the many reasons why it is great to work in Qatar. You will enjoy a great working environment, in the backdrop of a country that’s rich in culture.