Rules and Regulations to Follow in Qatar

For first-time workers or visitors to Qatar, it is important to know and follow the rules. While Qatar is more liberal than Saudi Arabia, it also follows the Sharia Law. 

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The rules help in maintaining order for the citizens and residents. The laws cover a wide range of aspects in the country. Whether you are new or a veteran in the Gulf country, it pays to know the laws. 

Know the Rules and Regulations

Get to Know these Rules and Regulations When in Qatar

When you are visiting or working in another country, knowing and obeying the laws of your host will ensure that you will make the most of your trip. If you are in Qatar, you should know that the country follows the Sharia Law. 

Take the time to learn the prevailing laws in the country so you will avoid inconvenience or trouble later on. Here are some of the laws that apply to foreign workers in the country:

Entry and Exit Requirements

Some countries are allowed to enter Qatar without a visa, and there are also countries who enjoy visa-on-arrival as tourists. Meanwhile, citizens of some countries will need to apply for a visa in advance at their respective government offices. 

Residents of any Gulf Cooperation Council can avail of a single entry visa-on-arrival to Qatar. But this is applicable if their Residence permit is valid for the next six months. 

Expats are also required to carry their passports at all times. This is to show their identity and citizenship when asked by local authorities. Finally, expats also need to present proof of permission from their employers or support if they are leaving Qatar. 

Identity Card

All residents are required to carry an ID card, especially their Qatar ID (QID). In particular, the QID is needed for government transactions, registering for utilities, schools, nurseries, and clubs. The ID card should also be presented when asked, otherwise the expat might face legal consequences. It is also important to note that the QID should always be up-to-date, and it is best to have a photocopy of it in a safe place in case the original gets lost. 

Traffic Laws

Guests who are in Qatar for a short period can apply for an international global driving license to be allowed to drive in the country, or they could apply for a temporary Qatar driving license.. For those who will be staying for a longer period, they will need to apply for a driving license as soon as they arrive. As with other countries, drinking and driving is not allowed in this Gulf nation. Those who are caught doing so will be fined and banned from driving again.

Alcohol Consumption

Expats in Qatar can consume alcohol but should follow the limitations. One of the conditions is consuming alcohol in clubs and hotels. They can also buy liquor, for personal consumption, at the Qatar DIstribution Company, by showing their licenses. To apply for the license, the expat should present a letter from their employers, and should include information about the applicant’s designation, basic pay, accommodation, religious affiliation, conjugal status, and visa. 

Dress Code

The country follows a conservative dress code. This means that foreign workers are not allowed to wear provocative clothing in public places. By wearing modest attire, the expat will not offend the customs and values of the host country.

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