List of Driving Violations and Fines by MOI Qatar

So you’ve studied driving in Qatar and have gotten your driver’s license already. Congratulations on this new chapter as it takes time and money to apply for a license to drive in another country. Given this, it is important that you are also aware of certain Qatar driving rules to take note of in order to avoid fines and make sure that you and other drivers are safe on the road.

In this article, we are posting a list of driving traffic violations and their corresponding fines as shared by the Ministry of Interior-Qatar. Please be guided accordingly as these rules have been posted to avoid accidents and inconvenience.

All drivers in Qatar should be aware of this list for your awareness and safety. Good to know the law when driving your car and other vehicles.

Qatar Traffic Violations and Fines

Please make sure you read the following offenses and sanctions for your reference.

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The above traffic fines have been implemented for everyone who has a car in Qatar. Please abide them for the security of all drivers and much more of pedestrians.

We hope you find the above table useful in understanding and gaining knowledge to the driving policies in Qatar. We aim to be a helpful source of information as we receive updates online on different rules and regulations made to make our lives easier and safer. Safe driving everyone!