Stricter Laws on Texting While Driving in Qatar

Multi-tasking while driving? Texting while driving? You might want to stop that habit right now as Qatar has implemented stricter laws on the use of mobile phones while driving.

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The recommendations from the General Directorate of Traffic to increase the fine for violators have been accepted in accordance with its strict implementation of the law.

man using phone while driving the car
transportation and vehicle concept – man using phone while driving the car

Do not text and drive!

Rules on the Use of Mobile Phone While Driving

To spread awareness on the stricter traffic law, the Traffic Department organized a campaign that will educate people on the dangers of using mobile phones while on the road.

Awareness campaign will be promoted on newspaper and social media. It was September of last year when the Ministry of Interior has first started the campaign. The official Twitter page of MoI has posted a tweet regarding the use of mobile phone while driving.

An official from the General Directorate of Traffic in Qatar has issued a statement on the specifications of the law:

“Now, any kind of engagement with mobile will be considered a violation like playing games, text messages and check other mobile applications. Earlier, only speaking over cellphones while driving was considered a violation.”

“Motorists using mobile while driving will be booked on the spot by patrols and security and fined. The aim is to curb these violations because many motorists not only use their mobiles for calls, but also WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media sites,” the official also reiterated.

Beware of the dangers of mobile phone use while driving. ©Joey Coleman/Flickr


Fines and Penalties

The data provided by the Traffic Department shows that the use of mobile phones while driving is apparently the primary cause of more than 80 percent of road accidents in Qatar.

With this record, traffic patrols are stepping up to strictly enforce the ‘NO-Phone’ rule and will book the violators on the spot when caught.

A fine of QR500 will be imposed together with three negative points on anyone who will be caught with the traffic police’s round-the-clock patrolling.

Use of mobile phones while driving causes 80% of road accidents in Qatar. ©Hani Arif/Flickr