10 Ways to Be Safe When In Qatar

Qatar has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It is also known as one of the safest. Citizens and residents of the country enjoy this peaceful life because of the laws put in place.

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Of course, you could also do your part in keeping safe. These suggestions will also work wherever you are in the world.

do not leave kids and pets in the car

Be Safe and Secure

Qatar is known to be one of the safest countries. Most people worry about the extreme heat during summer. But even in cases of petty crime that is almost unheard of, it would help if you observe safety procedures as well.

We’ll share suggestions on how to keep yourself safe. Take note of these suggestions because you can use them anywhere else.

Safety Tips Inside your Home

  • Lock the doors and windows when you will leave the house for a long time. It is also a good idea to turn off electric supplies and LPG cylinders.
  • Install fire extinguishers or smoke detectors in the room. These will come in handy in case of fire.

Safety Tips Outside Your Home

  • Bring Qatar government-issued ID or visa wherever you go. You need to present proof that you are in the country legally. If you are unable to show any document to officials, you might have to pay a QAR 10,000 fine.
  • Avoid sunburn by using sunscreen. You should also drink plenty of water when it is warm, to avoid dehydration. The months of June to early October are particularly hot in Qatar.
  • Women are also advised not to travel alone late at night. They should also dress modestly by covering the shoulders and knees to avoid getting too much attention.
  • Do not give in to people begging for alms.

Safety Tips When Driving

  • Always lock your car whenever you leave it unattended. You should also remove any valuable items in the car.
  • Don’t leave the children and pets unattended in the car. Even if you will be gone for a few minutes, it is not a good idea to leave anyone in the car. It can get hot inside the car, which could be suffocating for the occupant.
  • When driving to the desert, it would help to bring extra water and food. You should also have spare tires and jumper cables for use in an emergency. Before you go, you can inform your friends about your destination.
  • Drive carefully. Follow the speed limit to avoid paying fines or facing accidents. It is a common occurrence in Qatar to have road mishaps because of the traffic. If this is your first time driving in the country, you might feel overwhelmed.

It will also help to know the customs and laws in the country. Qatar is also conservative, but not as strict as other Middle East countries. They have stricter laws regarding drinking, dress code, and religion.

Some of the food that you normally eat may not be available in restaurants. But despite that, you can try eating other popular food in the country. You can have seafood or traditional Qatari food. But don’t worry because there are plenty of Filipino restaurants to choose from.

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