10 Reminders for Safe Driving on a Rainy Day

As rainy days are expected in Qatar, the Ministry of Interior has shared tips on how to be safe when driving during rain. When driving is a must, just be safe to avoid accidents. This way, all motorists can get to their destination without trouble.

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Before going out, check the car engine. It is also important to ensure the condition of the car light and wiper, among others.

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Have a Trouble-free Driving

With rains recently experienced in Qatar, the government came up with instructions on how to be safe when driving.  They also emphasized to need to be more alert and cautious when driving during the rainy weather.

Image credit: Ministry of Interior Qatar Facebook
  1. Reduce Speed. Reduce speed while raining to have more control on your vehicle and avoid skidding
  2. Safety Distance. Please keep a safety distance greater than the one you would keep in normal conditions.
  3. Concentrate on Driving. Keep concentrate on driving and never engage in other things that distracts.
  4. Sudden Braking. Avoid sudden braking. Because it may cause to skid and lose the control.
  5. Avoid water-logging. Don’t risk to drive through water-logging on roads as you don’t know the depth or other possible obstacles inside.
  6. Tire Safety. Make sure your tires good enough and are inflated to the right pressure.
  7. Indicators and Lights. Car indicators and other lights are means of communicating with other road users. Ensure their workability.
  8. Hazard Lights. Don’t use hazard lights while driving in the rain. Hazard lights are meant for only emergency stop.
  9. Stop your car. While the visibility is very low do not hesitate to stop your car off the road for your safety and the safety of others.
  10. Windshield wipers. Windshield wipers play key role to ensure visibility while driving in rain.

Pedestrians should also do their part in ensuring road safety for everyone. When crossing the street, use the pedestrian lane and make sure that the road is clear. Avoid using gadgets while on the road so you will not be distracted, as well. It would also help to wear bright-colour clothing so the motorists can easily identify you.