The Emir, HH Sheikh Tamim, on Social Media

His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has recently launched his official Instagram account during the Qatar National Sports Day. It has one post so far. There were more than 80,000 followers since the account opened.

Image credit: @Tamim on Instagram

The Emir’s official Twitter account was launched in December last year. There have been 20 tweets. The account has more than 169,000 followers.

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@Tamim is the Instagram handle of the Emir. The Instagram post, as translated in English, says:  “On the Sports day of the state, Qatar is turning into sports arenas in a scene showing growing awareness of the importance.” The accompanying photo shows the Emir and other companions biking along a street. This post has generated more than 46,000 comments.

Meanwhile, @TamimBinHamad is the Emir’s Twitter handle. The first tweet was sent during Qatar National Day. When translated in English, the tweet says: “On Qatar’s National Day, we remember the sacrifices of parents and grandparents for the sake of the motherland, and we applaud the tenacity of the people of Qatar in defending their country’s independence, achievements and principles, and we are determined to continue the path of construction, development and dignity. And every year and you are good.” This tweet has generated more than 29,000 retweets and more than 44,000 likes.

Another tweet was sent during the National Sports Day. The English translation of the tweet is: “Our ambition of such day is that Qatar’s march in sport will continue in all its fields. We aspire to carry out more than 2,000 km of cycling route by the end of 2022.” A video of the Emir and his companions biking on a street was also uploaded, and has garnered 247,000 views.

Instagram is a social media application (or app) that allows sharing of photos and videos. This is a mobile-based app. Twitter is another social media app for sharing photos, videos and links. A user can send short posts with up to 280 characters.