Law on Permanent Residency ID in Qatar Now Under Way

In January of this year, HE the Speaker Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud precedes the session with the Advisory Council discussing the draft law on Permanent Residency ID for expats and workers in Qatar.

Expats might soon acquire permanent residency ID in Qatar.

If passed, the new law will allow some expatriates to acquire the permanent resident status which will make a record the first of its kind within the Gulf Arab states.

Issuance of Permanent Residency ID Card

Despite the severed ties with other Arab nations, Qatar is moving forward stronger and fiercer. Positive developments have been going on in the country in terms of multifaceted economic growth and innovations on infrastructure which guarantee social and environmental sustainability.

If granted, holders of permanent residency ID could enter the military. Isabell Schulz/Flickr

Just last year, Qatar has announced its plans to open its doors and offer permanent residency to expats who will meet the criteria set by the government.

Addressed to be a daring and revolutionary move of this Gulf country, it is a very much welcome opportunity for the expatriates who have established life and career in Qatar. And it acts as a game changer that may pose a challenge to its neighboring Arab countries.

And the meeting this January chaired by no less than HE the Speaker Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud somehow get the law a step closer to being approved.

Who Can Qualify to Get the Permanent Residency ID

If passed, the new bylaw will grant permanent residency ID to non-Qataris who will meet the criteria specified by the law. But who could be the qualified applicants for the permanent residency identification card?

According to the Council who drafted the law, the children of Qatari women to non-Qatari men could be granted permanent residency ID. Expatriates who give outstanding services to Qatar in different fields of expertise could also obtain permanent residency status.

Holders of permanent residency ID could own properties or businesses in Qatar. Lawrence Wang/Flickr

Holders of the permanent residency ID will be able to avail the same privileges and treatment given to local Qataris when it comes to health care, education and other government services. They would also be given priority next to Qataris in holding civil and military positions.

According to the provisions stated on the draft law, the permanent residency ID holders would also be given the right to own property or establish commercial businesses without having the need for a Qatari partner.

Further Study on the New Law

To ensure the effectivity of the new law if passed, the Ministry of Interior will establish the Permanent Residency ID Granting Committee, a committee that will review requests and application for permanent residency ID.

The Council’s Internal and Foreign Affairs will also conduct further study and will hold another deliberation on their meetings.

Abdullah bin Fahad bin Abdullah bin Ghorab al-Marri has been unanimously elected by the members of the Committee as its rapporteur for the assembly.

Many give a positive response on the law on permanent residency ID.

To show that the Filipino Community in Qatar has a very positive response on the news, Philippine Business Council – Qatar chairman Greg Loayon has released the following statement:

“The granting of permanent residency is a great testament to Qatar’s recognition of the people’s contribution towards its economy and society, and will serve to cement this relationship and integration as the country works towards achieving its long term vision.”

Qatar might soon be a diverse race with its new law on granting permanent residency ID. Jaafar Alnasser/Flickr