QAR 10,000 Fine for Non-Processing of Residence Permit

The Ministry of Interior will fine the employers or workers who have not yet processed the residence permit. The penalty for erring individuals is QAR 10,000. 

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Both parties have until 30 days to complete the registration of the said permit. It is essential for most transactions in Qatar.

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Fine Given for Not Processing the Residence Permit

For employers or individuals who have not processed their residence permits yet, they are given up to 30 days to do so. Otherwise, the Ministry of Interior may impose a fine of QAR 10,000  as a penalty. This information comes from a news article in The Peninsula. 

The 30-day deadline starts as soon as the expatriate arrives in Qatar. The employer and the worker have the legal obligation to process the permit since it is a vital requirement to foreign workers. In other words, it serves as proof that the individual is legally allowed to stay in the country. 

Moreover, the residence permit is needed for most transactions in Qatar, including opening a bank account, traveling, or availing of healthcare services. Aside from the benefits  the permit brings, it is also legally required to carry one at all times.

Fine for Not Processing Residence Permit

How to Apply for a Residence Permit

For expatriates like yourself who want to gain a residence permit, the employer acts as the sponsor. Having a legitimate sponsor will facilitate the processing of the permit. 

Upon your initial entry to Qatar, you will be given a temporary visa. Afterwards, you and your employer should undergo the application for the residence permit. In most cases, you will be required to present your original passport, a photocopy of your passport, and four passport-sized photos. Depending on your circumstances, the employer may ask for additional requirements during your application.

The expatriate would also be required to undergo a medical checkup consisting of blood test, a chest X-ray, and a biometric scan. If you were found to have a communicable disease, your application will be denied, and you will be deported. 

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to leave the country while your residence permit is being processed. The average processing time is about two to four weeks. 

Once you have your residence permit ID, it should always be in your possession. It is also advisable to photocopy your ID once you receive it, so you have a backup copy. In case of loss of your ID, you wil proceed to the MOI to apply for a replacement. You will pay QR 200 and present your passport when you reapply. 

Platform to Help Expats Track their Residence Permit Application

You can visit the Ministry of Interior’s website to know more about your residence permit application. Under the MOI Services, go to Inquiries, and then Residency Permits Inquiry to find available resources. 

To track the status of your application, go to RP Application Tracking & Printing. You will need to provide your visa number and the ID number of your sponsor, along with the verification code found on the page.

In cases where you changed employers, you can inquire about the status of your application by going to Change Employer Application Enquiry. You will enter your application number and QID, along with the verification code for the inquiry to be processed.

On the other hand, if you are curious about your eligibility for permanent residency, go to Permanent Residency Eligibility Inquiry. For this section, you will need to provide your QID number and residency expiry date.

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