QR 10,000 Fine if You Fail to Show Your ID to a Law Enforcer

Qatar Residents, we should always carry our Residence IDs with us whenever we’re outside. Or else we face a Fine of 10,000 QR if we cannot provide it to law enforcers if they ask for it and we have violated a law.

A Residence Permit is a card that proves you identification and validates your residence in the country. Normally, law enforcers only ask for your ID from people who are suspected from committing a crime, but we should be careful anytime as they can also ask for your IDs unexpectedly. Just to be cautious, it’s best to carry with you your IDs.

Always Bring Your Residence ID, or Face up to QR 10,000 Fine

qatar residence id

Expats who have obtained a Permit of Residence will also acquire a Qatar ID as a part of the application process. It’s mandatory for citizens and residents to have one. These are plastic cards, a size of a credit card holding basic personal information and a photo.

The punishment becomes valid when a person refuses to show his/her ID to officials. But if that person cannot provide their ID or passport instantly would be held unless they can show other means of identification.

Again be advised that it is only a crime when you refuse to show your residence ID (or any identification document) when requested by a law-enforcement official. If you forgot to carry your ID, you can still present any other valid form of identification (passport, etc.) as proof. We still advise you to carry your residence ID to avoid any further issues.