Deadline for National Address Registration Draws Near

The deadline for registering for the National Address is on July 26, 2020. A call to register was announced in January. The public is given 6 months to register using Metrash2 app, MOI website, or MOI service centers.

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As of this month, about 70% of the population has registered. Compliance with this law is required. Those who will not register will pay a fine of QR 5,000.

Metrash2 app

Why It Is Important to Register the National Address

According to the Ministry of Interior, the national address will enable the fast delivery of services and give quick resolution to the judicial process to the different sectors. It will assure faster response during emergencies.  The national address will also be needed to transact with government and non-government agencies.

Registration for the national address started in January this year. Citizens and residents were given 6 months to register, with the deadline on July 26, 2020. According to Doha News, there will be a fine of QR 5,000 for those who will not register on time. There will also be a fine of QR 10,000 for those who will give wrong information.

As a reminder, the information required to register is: residence address. Mobile and fixed-line numbers, work address, email address, permanent address abroad, and any other relevant information asked by authorities.

All heads of families will register themselves and their children below 18 years old. Spouses and children above 18 years old will register for themselves. Meanwhile, those who work as domestic helpers are given the option to authorize their employers to register the national address on their behalf. The authorization form is also available with the Ministry of Interior.

However, due to the pandemic, some leniency will be allowed for those who cannot register because they are out of the country. Residents just need to present proof that they are not in Qatar during the registration period so they will not be fined.

According to Doha News, those who are abroad may also register using the Metrash2 app. If the app is not functional, they can call the Metrash hotline +974 (2342 000) for assistance.  The Qatar ID (QID) should also be linked to phone numbers. The phone service providers can help in connecting the QID. For Ooredoo call via WhatsApp +974 (4414 4414) or send an email to For Vodafone users, send an email to or call their abroad service number +974 (7700 7111).

The public is encouraged to use the app in registering instead of going to the government office. Safety is still important while complying with the national address registration.

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