How to Check the Status of Your Qatar ID

If you are working in Qatar, your most important card would be the Qatar ID (QID). This identification is essential for most of your transactions in the country. Government applications and even some transactions with private companies, like banks, will require you to present your QID.

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Your QID is given together with the residence permit. Always make sure that the ID is valid by checking its status regularly. If the card is expired or canceled, you cannot use it.

What is the Qatar ID?

The QID is an important document that you need to have in the country. you will present these for most of your official transactions. It is also mandatory for residents to carry their ID anywhere.

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What is the Purpose of the Qatar ID?

The QID is an identification that you need in most of your transactions. Whether you are dealing with government offices, banks, or even sending money back home, you will need to show your ID. If you are applying for licenses, you will also need to provide your ID number.

Step by Step Procedure of Verifying the Status of Your Qatar ID

If you want to know the status of your QID, you can visit the Ministry of Interior website. You can see various options when you get to the site.

  • Click on “Inquiries” where you can check on the status of your preferred transaction. Then choose “Other Inquiries” to check on the status of your QID. Your options are Other Services and Description.
  • The Other Services option will lead you to options such as Official Document, Smart Card Application Form, Smart Card Activation Form, and Inquiry on Company’s ID. Choose Official Document.
  • Enter the QID number so you can check your status. The information you need is QID number, passport number, nationality, and captcha code.
  • In case you encoded the wrong data, you can press the reset button to enable you to enter the correct information. Moreover, you can use the reset button if you want to encode details of other IDs that you want to check.

Video – Check Qatar ID Status

The following video can help you check your Qatar ID status properly. It was posted on the YouTube Channel, “Learn About by Julian Dino:”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get a copy of my Qatar ID online?

Go to the MOI e-services portal. Encode the details found in your smartcard. Go to the Qatari Citizen Services page, then Qatari Documents. Once you have encoded all essential information, you will be advised on the corresponding fees.

  • How can I check my ID fine in Qatar?

You can check to see if you have any fines by also checking the MOI e-services portal. For instance, if you want to check any traffic violation, you are to choose Traffic Services and Traffic Violations. When you click on Settlement of Violations, you will be required to encode your QID number, plate number, or establishment ID. You will then see any violations you committed, including the date and the corresponding fine.

Pay the corresponding payment to clear your records. You can pay for your fines online, using Metrash2.

  • How can I register my mobile number in Qatar ID?

Use your Metrash2 app to register your mobile number. Log in to your account, then use the language option. Use the Personal services of the smart cardholder, then choose Metrash2.

After you encode your cellphone number, choose Register into Service. You will then be given two activation keys: (1) to be printed by the Self-Service Kiosk and (2) to be sent via SMS on the registered cell phone number given.

Use the browser on your cellphone to open Metrash 2 URL. Then click on DOWNLOAD or INSTALL.

Once you have downloaded, METRASH 2 will appear. Click the System icon next.

When you see the welcome screen, choose from either Arabic or English.

If this is your first time using the system, you will see the Service Activation screen. Encode the needed data to see the login screen.

You can start using the app when the Metrash2 service menu is displayed.

  • How can I change my MOI mobile number?

Go to the MOI website, then click Inquiries.  Choose Metrash and Metrash for Individuals. You will then be asked to encode your QID and new mobile number. Next, you will encode the verification code. Click on Change Number. You will be given the steps to activate Metrash2 in your new mobile number.

  • How many digits are there in Qatar ID?

There are 11 digits in the Qatari ID. The numbers in the ID contain the holder’s age and nationality.

  • How can I get Qatar ID?

Prepare all the needed documents and log on to the Ministry of Interior website. You will also be required to undergo a health screening to get the ID.

  • What happens when your Qatar ID expires?

You need to renew your ID as soon as possible, and also to avoid paying fines. First, you can check the status of your ID by looking at the MOI website. Once you have determined that your ID is expired, you can renew it on the same website.

  • Can I travel to Qatar without Qatar ID?

No. Airport personnel will ask for your ID to be allowed entry into the country. Authorities will also check whether your ID is valid or not, by checking the MOI website. If your ID has expired, you will be denied entry. Take care of your ID at all times.

  • Can the Qatar ID be canceled?

Yes. Should the expat violate any Qatari law, the authorities can cancel the ID, including the visa and passport. The expat will also be deported. They will also not be allowed to return to the country.


The QID is needed in most of your transactions in the country. But it has to be active for you to use it. You should check the status of your ID from time to time, so you can conduct your transactions smoothly. You can find out whether your card is expired or not, by looking at it online on the Ministry of Interior website.

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