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    How to Change Profession in Your Qatar ID (QID)

    Your Qatar ID (QID) is an important document that you need to present for most of your transactions in Qatar. Transactions with the bank and all government agencies all require a copy of your QID. The information in your ID must be updated at all times.

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    You can update essential information, such as profession, in your QID through the MADLSA website. Have the necessary documents ready so you can proceed with your application smoothly.

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    Know The Steps to Change Profession in Your QID

    The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs (MADLSA) is the government office that is responsible for processing the change of one’s profession. The amendment can be done online to save you the trip of going to the government office.

    You also need to fill out the application form, which you will use later on if your request is approved.

    The procedure to change a profession through MADLSA is called “request to modify a profession.” The applicant or an authorized representative can request this service. There is no service fee.

    To avail of this service, prepare photocopies of these documents:

    From the current employer

    • No objection certificate regarding the change of profession
    • The ID of the authorized signatory
    • Municipality license or commercial registration
    • Office electricity bill
    • Duly signed labour contract indicating the employee’s new profession

    From the employee

    • QID and valid passport
    • Certified academic credentials of the applicant (attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with Arabic translation)
    • Past labour contract
    • Detailed bank statement showing the salary and six-month salary statement
    • Application form found on the MOI website

    Furthermore, you should meet the following criteria to be able to change your profession:

    • The employer does not restrict the applicant to changing profession;
    • The employee should come from the private sector;
    • Required documents are complete;
    • The user should either be the applicant or an authorized signatory of the company;
    • All submissions are subject to the approval of MADLSA

    To start the request, go to:, then click on “Services” to get to “E-Services & E-Forms.”

    Choose “Profession amendment request” to start the process.

    Steps to Follow:

    • Encode applicant’s data

    Sign 1
    Photo Credit: MADLSA website

    • Encode the access code that you will receive in your registered mobile number

    Sign in 2
    Photo Credit: MADLSA website

    • Provide the worker’s data

    Worker Data
    Photo Credit: MADLSA website

    • Provide the current employer’s data

    current employer's data
    Photo Credit: MADLSA wsebsite

    • Encode the applicant’s new profession

    Request Data
    Photo Credit: MADLSA website

    • Attach the required documents

    Photo Credit: MADLSA website

    • Send the application and confirm your request

    confirm sending request
    Photo Credit: MADLSA website

    • After submitting the request, the applicant will receive a request number that can be used to follow up on the status of the application.

    What Happens After Submitting the Application

    The applicant will receive feedback from the ministry regarding the status of the application. Upon approval, both the applicant and current employer will receive the notification. After approval of the request, the next step is to proceed to the Ministry of Interior, specifically the General Directorate of Nationality, Ports and Expatriate Affairs, to get the new QID with the updated profession.

    In case the application is recommended for re-application, you can review the details submitted to see if there were any errors. After checking the information provided, the application can be sent again to MADLSA.

    If the application is rejected, the applicant will still receive notification regarding the application status.

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