POLO Assistance for Expats in Qatar

Kababayans in Qatar who need help during the pandemic can get assistance from the Philippine embassy. Concerns regarding their employment, health, and travel can be taken up with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO).

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The advisory issued on June 21, 2020 lists the procedure and guidelines for those who might need help. Qatar’s labor office will also provide assistance.


Image Credit: Philippine Embassy in Qatar FB Page

Guidelines and Procedures According to Embassy Advisory

The Philippine Labor Office in Doha released an advisory on June 21, 2020. This advisory informs Filipinos in Qatar how to get help with their problems, especially those who were affected by the outbreak. Some of our kababayans encountered difficulties with their jobs, and some of them got sick. And also, some of them would like to go back home.

The guidelines cover three areas. These are implemented so the embassy can quickly process the concerns of the expats.

For labor-related complaints:

  1. Register the request for assistance through the POLO link http://forms.gle/WghudjM3KsJE4YFw5
  2. Report concerns directly to the Labor Relations Department of MADLSA. There are four ways to report. The first one is by sending an email to info@adlsa.gov.qa or ibr@adlsa.gov.qa. Provide the full name, Qatar ID, mobile number, name of company or employer, contact of company or employer, and details of the problem. Some of the issues could be the unpaid salary for several months, not receiving food allowance or illegal termination. Send a courtesy copy to the embassy at qatar@owwa.gov.ph.

The second option is to send the complaint through the Amerni App. This app can be downloaded at Google Play.

The third option is to send an SMS to 92727. Provide the QID number in the text message. Remember to put the number “5” directly before the QID number.

The fourth option is to call the MADLSA hotline at 16008 or 40280660.

  1. As stated in the MADLSA website, if the complaint cannot be settled even with the help of the Ministry, the issue will be elevated to the Labor Dispute Committee. The expat will be advised when the hearing will take place.

For expats who have acquired the virus:

Expats who have the virus can get financial assistance from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). They should register to https://forms.gle.oSq3Snn2iCkW9i9S9. Kababayans should wait for the email notifications on how they can get assistance. They are also strongly advised not to physically go to the embassy to follow up.

For expats who want to return to the Philippines:

Those who want to go home should register at the OFW Assistance Information System (OASIS) to facilitate the arrangement of their trip.  It is important to register through this platform so that government agencies in the Philippines can organize their arrival at the airport, schedule swab testing, and arrange for transport.

This is a guide on how to register with OASIS:

OASIS Online Registration

OFWs bound for the Philippines should make sure that they have successfully registered with OASIS before they schedule their return trip. Go to oasis.owwa.gov.ph to register their information. A confirmation email will be sent to those who have registered.

Here is the advisory:

Philippine Embassy Advisory Page 1

Philippine Embassy Advisory Page 2

The Philippine government extends this assistance to the Filipino community in Qatar. While the outbreak is still not contained, kababayans should still follow safety protocols.

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