How to Contact Qatar Philippine Embassy in Doha

Filipino worker expats who are based in Qatar and need assistance from the Philippine government, you can visit the Embassy of the Philippines in Doha located at Jelaiah Area (near Qatar University). Please be guided on the purpose of the embassy, details, contact information, and tips when visiting our embassy. Pinoys should know where this is located and what services you can get from this PH government office.

The Embassy of the Philippines is the country’s official representation of the host country. This institution provides assistance and resources for those on foreign assignments. It can also host cultural events. Only countries with diplomatic relations can set up an embassy.

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On the other hand, it is the consulate that provides various services to their nationals. These services include passport renewal, legal assistance, absentee voting, travel arrangement for repatriation or death.

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Purpose of Qatar Philippine Embassy

The State of Qatar and the Republic of the Philippines has diplomatic relations since May 5, 1981. The Philippine Embassy in Qatar was established in May 1992. Before that, the Philippine embassy in the United Arab Emirates covered the diplomatic needs of the Filipinos in Qatar.

The Philippine Embassy in Qatar provides consular services and assists nationals. The embassy also assists in labor-related concerns of their countrymen. There is a hotline for skilled workers and household service workers to air their concerns. Representatives for DSWD, SSS, and Pag-ibig are also available to assist.

For Filipinos working in Qatar, it would be helpful to be familiar with the services of the embassy even before they begin their contract.

What are the services offered by the Philippine Embassy to Filipinos in Qatar?

The Philippine embassy provides consular services. These are as follows:

Civil Registry

Every major event in an individual’s life needs to be registered with their home country, this is a Philippine requirement. Some of these events are birth, marriage, and death.

Following the Civil Registry Law, the Philippine embassy will report the birth of Filipino citizens born in Qatar. Even the legitimation of children and paternity acknowledgment is under the jurisdiction of the embassy.

The embassy is also responsible for solemnizing the marriage in Qatar and reporting it.

The embassy also reports deaths that occurred in Qatar.

The embassy also assists in correcting any clerical errors in legal documents given to the Filipino national.

The Filipino national should report such events within 30 days of occurrence so that the embassy can file the report to the Philippine Statistics Office in Manila.

Philippine Passports

The embassy can facilitate the renewal of Philippine passports to those whose passports have expired. Parents who gave birth in Qatar can request a passport for their infant. The embassy can also replace lost passports.

The processing of passport requests takes about 30 to 45 days. Applicants will need to present various documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, Philippine-issued ID, and other relevant documents. Applicants will also have to fill out a passport application form.

Some of the reasons for requesting a passport could be for updating their names or acquiring Filipino citizenship.

Philippine Visa Requirements

The embassy provides visas to those who will work in the Philippines. Applicants for a visa will need to provide documents such as passport, letter of guarantee from employer, job order and recruitment agreement, ID photos, the ID of company, and proof of financial capacity.

Both restricted and non-restricted nationals can apply for a visa. Applicants can apply for single entry, multiple entries for six months, and multiple entry visas for one year.

Authentication and Notarial of Documents

If you have legal documents from the Philippines that will be used in Qatar, these need attestation from the Philippine embassy. But before that, the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines should authenticate the said document first.

Some of the documents that need attestation are school documents, employment certificates, or NBI clearance.

The embassy also provides notarial services for Filipino nationals. Some of these documents are affidavit of support and guarantee and affidavit of support for spouses of Philippine nationality.

The embassy also provides authentication of documents from Qatar, acknowledgment of legal documents to be used in the Philippines. The embassy also provides certification and other supporting documents for traveling minors.

NBI Clearance

Those who need NBI clearance can apply for one in the Philippine embassy.

Dual Citizenship

Filipino nationals who want to retain or reacquire their citizenship can file their application at the Philippine embassy.

Some of the documents that you need to present are the Oath of Allegiance, Philippine-issued birth certificate, valid foreign passport, naturalization documents, and other relevant documents that may be needed. Bring copies of photos as well.

Applicants will also need to fill out a form.

Filipino nationals will pay a corresponding fee to have the documents processed. Payments should be in cash.

The downloadable forms are also available on the Philippine embassy website.

The Philippine Embassy also provides repatriation assistance for Filipino workers in distress.

Meanwhile, the POLO-OWWA office is a separate office that also helps in labor-related concerns.

What is the Facebook page of the Doha Philippine Embassy?

The Philippine Embassy in Qatar has an official Facebook page. This account provides information about the events, programs, and projects of the embassy. Go to

How to Make an Appointment to Visit the Philippine  Embassy?

The embassy is open from 7 AM to 4 PM from Sunday to Thursday. For transactions involving passport or document processing, the service is available from 7 AM to 12 NOON only. Qatar and Philippine holidays are also observed. But you could check the website ( from time to time to see if there is an advisory about revised work hours.

Important Reminders when Visiting PH Embassy Doha

  • Visitors should wear proper attire, including footwear when going to the embassy.
  • You should also avoid coming during peak hours to lessen waiting time.
  • It would also help to check whether personal appearance is necessary for the transaction.
  • If you have an appointment, be there 30 minutes earlier.
  • Make sure to fill out the forms beforehand.
  • Bring all the documents required, check the embassy website for the complete list.
  • Always bring the original document and photocopy, just in case.
  • Keep in mind that the embassy only accepts cash payments for every transaction.
Philippine Embassy Qatar
Photo Credit: Leo Bautista Philippine Embassy Qatar website

Contact Information

Filipino nationals who wish to transact with the embassy are encouraged to schedule an appointment first. Here are the contact details of the various offices under the Philippine embassy:

Embassy of the Philippines in Doha, Qatar
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday, from 7:00 AM to 12:00 NN (except holidays)
Address: Villa No. 7, Al Eithar (Lehsain) Street, No. 860, Zone 68, Jelaiah Area
Doha, State of Qatar, P.O. Box 24900, (near Qatar University)
Trunkline: (+974) 4483 1585
Fax: (+974) 4483 1595
Consular Section: (+974) 4493 0426/ hotline 5527 5123
Assistance to Nationals: (+974) 4483 2560/ hotline 6644 6303
Facebook Page:

Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO): (+974) 4488 3858, 4486 8001, 4486 1220, 5054 0707, 3003 2248, 3030 4778, 3160 4400
SSS Representative: (+974) 5591 5961
Pag-IBIG Representative: (+974) 5021 1555

Google Map Location

The Philippine Embassy is in Doha. The exact location is St. No. 860, Zone 68, Jelaiah Area, Doha.