Working as a Barista in Doha, Qatar – What You Need to Know

For coffee lovers, their coffee experience will not be complete without the service of the barista. The friendly barista is responsible for preparing the coffee for the customer.

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If you are interested in being a barista, you could apply for several opportunities in Qatar. If you have the skills and relevant job experience, you will have more chances of landing a job abroad.

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Barista Salary

Baristas can find a job in Qatar. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and dining companies looking for such a position.

According to Glassdoor, baristas receive about QAR 3,500 a month. Meanwhile, a Level 2 barista can expect to receive QAR 4,000 a month. Finally, the store leader has a salary of QAR 5,000 a month.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Barista

Baristas have some daily responsibilities in their day-to-day work. According to, here are some tasks that a barista has to do:

  • Prepare and serve coffee to customers
  • Share tasks with other baristas to take customer orders and provide other services necessary
  • Transact payment of customers
  • Answer customer’s questions
  • Manage store inventory
  • Ensure that all store equipment is in good condition
  • Find ways to improve the quality of service
  • Undergo training to prepare and learn recipes
  • Plan ways to get new customers and upgrade the menu

Skills Needed to Become a Barista

Coffee lovers still flock to specialty coffee houses. There is a continuous demand for baristas. And you can pursue this line of work if you are still interested.

It is a given that you need to have communication skills to talk to the customers. You should also be service-oriented. According to Barista Training Academy, It is also necessary to have these skills:

  • Proper usage of coffee grinder to get the desired grind size. Most coffee shops have different coffee grinders to get to the desired taste of coffee.
  • Extracting espresso. Most coffee drinks have espresso as the base. The barista should know how to use an espresso machine to prevent any changes in the taste of espresso.
  • Milk steaming. Milk is essential in latte art. The milk should be firm and fluffy to ensure that the coffee is presentable. The barista must know how to heat the milk properly because it can also affect the taste of any coffee drink.
  • Proper serving of coffee. The manner of serving the coffee will make all the difference in getting more customers. Each coffee shop will implement its practice of coffee serving. There are general rules to observe, such as serving the coffee with the latte art facing the customer. It is also necessary to present the coffee with a genuine smile.

One of our kababayans shared his experience of working as a barista in one of the coffee shops in Qatar. In the YouTube channel of Barista Rocky TV, we see the steps in preparing a cup of coffee.

You can watch the full video here:

From the video, we learn that the average salary of a barista is equivalent to Php 25,000 to 35,000 a month. This is the rate of a junior barista or even those with a few years of experience and skills.

The salary of a barista grows by gaining more years of experience and skills. A senior barista will have a monthly salary of about Php 40,000 to 45,000.

Keep in mind that the experience mentioned in the video is based on the vlogger’s experience. Should you have any questions, you can comment on the YouTube video itself.

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