5 Places to Learn Skills in Qatar

Qatar relies on skilled workers to get its economy flowing smoothly. That’s why there are many OFWs in the country who are definitely highly skilled, thanks to the topnotch education and training they got from the Philippines.

To help workers acquire new skills or develop old ones, it does have several training centers for all workers, including Filipinos and other expats. In this article, we will look at 5 of these places.

qatar learn skills

Acquire New Skills in Qatar Through These Centers

1. Qatar Skills Academy

Qatar Skills Academy offers several professional development programs and courses that cater to the need of Qatar’s economy. These include courses in engineering, human resources management, finance and account, instrumentation, iron, steel and aluminum industries, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and so much more. These degrees are university degrees and are internationally accredited. Plus, they have an option for vocational qualification so you can get a job faster.

2. Excellence Training Center

Excellence Training Center has courses that are related to business, including accounting and finance, soft skills, human resources, sales and marketing, information technology, art and design courses, and more. The training center is accredited by CMA, CIMA, Pearson as an Authorized Test Center, Highfield, the British Safety Council, and iQualify UK.

3. Philippine Integrated Institute Qatar

Philippine Integrated Institute Qatar aims to help Filipinos gain a higher level of education, gain new skills, and ultimately have a better future. It offers short training courses that are approved by Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Education. These short courses include Computer Software and Hardware Technology, Arabic Proficiency, Barista, IELTS, Facility Management, Videography, Logistics, just to name a few. These courses are offered in three general locations: Al Waab, Al Sadd and Westbay.

4. Filipino Training and Development Center

The Filipino Training and Development Center was founded back in 2017. It is located in C-Ring Road, Doha behind Gulf Times. Some of its classes include Human Resources Management, Sales and Social Media Marketing, Restaurant Management, Computer Hardware and Software Servicing, Secretarial, Caregiver 1 and 2, and IELTS Review, among others.

5. Qatar University

Qatar University has a Center of Continuing Education that offers training in fields such as Business Management, Accounting, Finance, Business, Information Processing and Test Preparation. These courses are aimed at helping Qatar meet its needs. It collaborates with several external institutions to ensure its programs stay relevant, including collaboration with the Qatar Red Crescent Medical Training Center.

Education is a life long process. In Qatar, these and many other institutions will help usher your growth professionally.