5 Most In-Demand Jobs in Qatar

If you’re planning to work in Qatar, you need to know which jobs are in-demand in the country and see whether they fit your skills. The country does derive a huge portion of its workforce from expats. It has attracted skilled workers from all over the world, and there is a sizable population of Filipino workers making major contributions to Qatar’s economic progress.

The following are 5 of the projected most in-demand jobs in Qatar in the year 2020.

technician job

What Jobs are Popular in Qatar in 2020?

1. Maintenance, Repair, and Technician

These kinds of jobs involve maintaining and repairing facilities, equipment and structures. For example, they make sure every plumbing and heating system is still working properly. They should also help maintain electrical systems. Whenever there is an emergency in the facilities, they should act quickly and accordingly.

Maintenance, Repair, and Technician jobs in Qatar include the following: maintenance technicians, facilities maintenance supervisor, general technician, certified diagnostic technician, auto mechanic, and more.

2. Hospitality and Tourism

Qatar has so many tourist sites and high-end hotels. Thus, the demand for hospitality and tourism jobs is quite high. These jobs are usually demanding but highly energetic. It is a rapidly growing industry around the world and new ideas are constantly being built, and more and more investments are signed off to provide the next five star hotel or luxury resort.

Hospitality and tourism jobs in Qatar include Tour Guide, Hospitality / Catering, Leisure and Tourism Teacher, Specialty Chef, Recreation Manager, Health Club Manager and more.

3. Marketing and PR

PR, or public relations, is simply put, the relationship between a company and the public. A company wants to preserve a positive image for the public. Otherwise, it will not gain profit or achieve its other goals. PR professionals aim to gain publicity for their clients via newsletters, press releases, and the like. Therefore, they need to have strong skills in oral, writing and presentation.

Marketing is also in-demand for most companies, not just in Qatar, as it helps the company promote and sells its products and services through advertising and research.

Marketing and PR jobs in Qatar include PR Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager, PR Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Marketing Assistant, and more.

4. Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing

With the current health crisis the world is facing, more and more people are now realizing how valuable and heroic doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are. Governments are also realizing how important it is to invest heavily in healthcare, as economy relies so much on healthy citizens being able to work. Qatar’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world, and if you get the chance to work in the medical profession in this country, you will experience being among the best in the field.

Medical, Healthcare and Nursing careers in Qatar include: Nurse, Nurse Specialist, Staff Nurse, Home Care Nurse, Plastic Surgeon, Clinical Nurses, and more. As you can see, the demand seems to focus on nurses.

5. Engineering

Engineers are professionals that focus on jobs that fall under applied science. To be an engineer, you need lots of creative and problem solving skills. You need to be able to invent and test your inventions. These could be machines that help make work more efficient. Engineers also create materials, gadgets or structures.

Engineering jobs in Qatar include the following: Civil Engineer, Architectural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Interface Engineer, Project Engineer, and more.

If you qualify to work in any of the above-mentioned jobs, then you should consider working in Qatar. Among other benefits, working in Qatar is a learning process in its own right, as you get to immerse yourself in a different culture and expand your world.