5 Most Popular Jobs in Qatar

Qatar is the richest country in the world, in terms of per capita GDP. This is largely due to it being one of the oil-rich countries in the world, but at the same time, being one of the smallest. These facts alone make Qatar one of the most lucrative places to find jobs.

If you’re interested in working in Qatar, then you must be wondering what the most popular, in-demand jobs are in the country. The following is a list of such jobs. It is your task then to figure out if your skills and expertise match any of the jobs listed below. If so, then you probably have a greater chance of landing a career in Qatar.

qatar nurse

Which Jobs are Most Popular in Qatar

According to Bayt, here are the following most popular jobs in Qatar.

1. Technician Jobs

Lots of jobs in Qatar require good understanding of facility maintenance and inspection. Good knowledge on installing or delivering machine equipment, repairing vehicles, and being a skilled technician in general is a plus. As a highly developed country, Qatar relies heavily on these technical skills to keep the economy up and running. Such jobs include facilities maintenance supervisor, technician, auto mechanic, diagnostic technician, system technician and more.

2. Healthcare Jobs

The Hamad Medical Corporation is Qatar’s main health care provider, and is one of the best in the world. As such, the country is always open to inviting experts in the medical field to work. Medical related jobs available in Qatar include general practitioner, general scope nurse, clinical psychologist, company doctor, nutritionists and more.

3. Tourism Jobs

Qatar is gradually becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the Middle East, not yet in the level of Dubai but surely getting there. Tourism jobs are highly important and in demand as a result. These jobs include spa and beauty therapist, waitress, barista, head chef, receptionist, restaurant manager, host or hostess, and more. With these jobs, Qatar can cater to many of the services that are desired by tourists, like spas and massage rooms, hotel and restaurant services, and even communication-related services.

4. Engineering Jobs

Engineers have an average base pay of 11,000 QR per month. That is equivalent to more than 155,000 Philippine pesos per month. That makes engineering jobs quite lucrative, so if you have an engineering background, you may want to apply in this country. Engineering jobs include planning engineer, telecommunication design engineer, process design engineer, senior project manager and more.

5. Marketing Jobs

If you’re wondering how much a person in Marketing makes in Qatar, then you will find that it does seem to be more lucrative than engineering positions, at least on average. Specifically, the number is around 18,500 QR per month, or equivalent to around 261,400 Philippine pesos per month. These jobs include marketing coordinator, real estate marketing executive, marketing specialist, marketing supervisor, and more.

Working in Qatar is great for a lot of reasons, and one of them is the relatively high salary you can get. On top of that, Qatar is a really neat place to live in overall.