Science-related Jobs in Qatar

Qatar is the richest country in the world per capita GDP. The economy boomed after gas and oil were discovered to exist in the country. Credit also goes to the country’s leaders, who came up with effective economic strategies and initiatives to improve Qatar’s economy.

These initiatives include providing lots of career opportunities not just for its citizens, but for expats who wish to work in Qatar. While the country still gets most of its wealth from gas and oil, the government is wise to recognize the importance of investing in other sectors as well, including the following science-related jobs.

science-related jobs

Jobs for Science Junkies in Qatar

If you are into science, you will be glad to know that Qatar has a ton of opportunities for you. Here are some of them.

1. Science Teacher

Science teaching jobs in Qatar are often in demand and urgently required. Doing a quick job search, you will find that most science teachers are needed a few months before the next school year starts. Some of these schools looking for new Physics, Biology, or Chemistry teachers come from international secondary schools. Salaries are competitive (and notably tax free), plus accommodation and medical insurance is covered.

2. Chemist


Companies and laboratories in Qatar are looking for chemists and laboratory technicians. Some even specifically want Filipinos to apply! Steel plants look for chemists that have a background in the field and a science-related degree.

3. Scientist

None is more fitting than a science-related job than working as an actual scientist. And in Qatar, there are a lot of job opportunities for such work! There are open positions for senior scientists; those who are masters at producing conferences, papers and publications, and are capable of training students taking up their Masters or PhD. A related field that is also in demand is being a data analyst.

4. Forensics


Available forensics jobs in Qatar include senior intelligence analysts, forensic planning consultants, and more. As a senior intelligence analyst, your main role is to facilitate tracking of intelligence-related threats. You must be comfortable with analyzing data and being a critical thinker and problem solver; two traits that a person in the sciences must have.

5. Food Technologist

Every foodie knows that Qatar is loaded with food choices that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Thus, it is crucial for the country to hire lots of food technologists. The main responsibility of a food technologist is to ensure that the food prepared is legally, safely, and meets standard quality requirements.

There you have it! If you think you’ve got what it takes to work in one of the mentioned jobs, or any other science-related field, then what are you waiting for? Apply in Qatar and enjoy its working and living benefits.