What Makes Healthcare in Qatar Great

Simply put, Qatar’s healthcare system is great! Owe this to the fact that among all members of the GCC, or Gulf Cooperating Council, Qatar, although one of the smallest nations, has the largest investment per capita when it comes to healthcare. The results are incredible, to say the least. You are surely going to have world class health care while you’re in Qatar, and you’ll receive benefits you’ve probably never heard of back in your home town.

These are some of the key features of Qatar’s Healthcare system, making the country one of the safest places to live in.

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Qatar Puts Health Among Top Priorities with Awesome System

1. Insurance

Qatar has several medical insurance providers. Two of the most popular ones include Allianz and Axa. To be sure, you have to confirm that your insurance is accepted in the clinic you’re most likely to be checked in. You will also have to study your insurance carefully, making sure it covers the sickness that you have.

2. Health Card

For a price of 499 QAR annually, you can get an Anaya Health card, which is a medical insurance that can secure you if you don’t have one already from your employer.

3. Medication

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Medicines are extensively available in Qatar. However, one thing you need to consider is that some brands have different names when sold in Qatar. There are also drugs that are not allowed in Qatar, such as anti-depressants.

4. Emergency Contacts

If the U.S.A. has 911 for emergency situations, Qatar also has its equivalent, quick dial hotline for any emergency. It’s 999, quick and easy to memorize. This number will direct you to an ambulance, the fire department, or the police. Other emergency contacts include 150 for international calls and 111 for Internet service.

5. Hamad Medical Corporation

The Hamad Medical Corporation is owned by the state of Qatar and is responsible for giving healthcare to Qatari citizens at a low cost, if not for free. Some of the programs it offers are the annual quality and safety in healthcare forum, postnatal home care offered to mothers, and screening of newborns for rare diseases. The Hamad Medical Corporation also has affiliate hospitals, including Al Khor Hosptital, Ambulatory Care Center, Al Wakra Hospital, Communicable Disease Center, Hamad General Hospital, and more.

As you can see, Qatar is not just a wealthy, culturally-rich nation. It takes care of its citizens and residents by providing world-class healthcare.