5 Reasons Why Qatar is a Great Place for Healthcare Professionals (Nurses, Doctors, etc.)

Qatar has employed many expats from various sectors and healthcare is one of the industries that offers good benefits for its employees. If you work in the medical field, you might consider working at Qatar, where there are loads of opportunities waiting

Here we list some of the benefits that medical professionals (nurses, doctors, etc.) have especially when working at this Gulf state.

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Why Qatar is a Great Place for Healthcare Professionals

Here are some of the perks that healthcare professional emigrants will enjoy while working at Qatar:

1. Lots of employee benefits

  • First of all, working at Qatar will ensure you have a good, tax-free salary.
  • Second, the country provides lots of leave benefits to its workers, including vacation, sick and annual leaves.
  • If you want to go back to the Philippines, you are even given free yearly air tickets, transportation and accommodation allowance.
  • Nurses, in particular, can enjoy licensing support from some healthcare providers in Qatar.

2. Career prospects

Qatar’s number one healthcare provider, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), is aggressively building lots of hospitals, research centers and clinics to improve services to the private sector.

This means that there are many working opportunities available and the demand for jobs is higher than ever.

3. High-tech Facilities

Qatar ensures medical professionals work in world-class hospitals complete with high-tech facilities. You will surely appreciate being able to utilize the latest technology to cure patients.

4. English-speaking environment

Connecting with your fellow medical practitioners is easy since there are many English-speaking workers in the hospitals and healthcare companies.

As an added bonus, you will enjoy communicating with your peers and at the same time, learn more about their cultures.

5. Relaxation

Not only are the hospitals high-tech and lovely, they also give ample priority to the welfare of the medical staff.
Hospitals in Qatar provide accommodations and relaxation spaces that are near 5-star hotel status.

Whenever you feel exhausted from a day’s work, you don’t have to go far to relax and recharge.


Qatar is a good place to work for other professions as well, including marketing experts, engineers, blue-collar workers, and definitely medical and healthcare professionals. Be advised that you still need to make sure you choose a reputable company to work for as this gives you the greater chances that most of the benefits are implemented.