Ramadan to Start in May 15

The holiest month in the Muslim calendar is Ramadan. The exact date of Ramadan is dependent on the sighting of the new moon, thus the date changes every year. During this time, our Muslim brothers reflect on the teachings of their religion. They fast and do good deeds to others.

Although non-Muslims are not required to fast, they are also not allowed to drink or eat in public during day time. They should also refrain from creating loud noise.

qatar ramadan

Activities during Ramadan

Those who will experience Ramada for the first time might be surprised with the shift in the usual activities of the people. Most of the offices and establishments close early. And the roads will become busy towards the evening as local residents go to mosques for their evening prayers or on their way to break their fasting.

During Ramadan, adult Muslims abstain from drinking and eating during daytime. This fasting is done for 30 days. However, some adults with certain conditions like sickness or pregnancy are exempted from fasting

Before dawn, they wake up for the pre-dawn meal (also called suhoor or sohour). Then it’s time for their morning prayer, followed by a whole day of fasting. At sunset, they eat dates and a light iftar meal to break their fast for the day. Then they will pray the Tarawee, (or the evening prayers) on top of the five prayers they usually do.

There is a Qatari tradition called for children called Garangao, which is held in the middle of Ramadan. Children wear their colourful traditional clothing. Then they go from house to house singing the Garangao song and the elders will give them nuts and sweets.

Non-Muslims could also bear in mind that their Muslim brothers are going about their daily lives even if they are fasting. So it can be understandable if they are low on energy during daytime.