Do’s and Don’ts During Ramadan in Qatar

Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. It is a holy month, characterized by fasting during sunrise to sunset, abstinence from tobacco, music, sex and other worldly endeavors. Ramadan in Qatar started around the 5th of May and ended in the 4th of June.

During Ramadhan, expats aren’t expected to participate in the fasting. However, there are ways to show respect to this holy tradition. One way is to keep from eating in public places, and instead enjoy your food at home.

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What to Do When Ramadan is Celebrated in Qatar

1. Respect Fasting

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you need to refrain from eating in public places during Ramadan. Fasting is done by most Muslims during this holy celebration, and there are only a few exceptions. Pregnant women, the elderly are examples of those exempted. However, even if most Muslims fast, they still go to work. That’s why you need to respect them by showing that you’re not eating.

2. Go to Iftar when Invited

After a day of fasting, the night is reserved for Iftar, or the feast after the fast. If your Muslim friends invite you to join them on Iftar, do so.

3. Help Your Fasting Friends

It is really difficult to fast. Our bodies need food for energy. That’s why your friends may need a helping hand when the lack of food gives them a low energy. Never refuse any help you can offer, especially at work if you have co-workers that are fasting.

4. It’s Not About Losing Weight

Remember that the true essence of fasting is abstinence, self-discipline, and piety. People who fast during Ramadan understand that there is a deeper meaning behind all this. So never think, or imply to someone, that fasting during Ramadan is primarily motivated by weight loss.

5. Sleep Well

When you are fasting during Ramadan, it’s easy to forget the sleep cycle. Because one’s energy is low during the day, some tend to take long naps, compromising the actual night sleep needed to replenish the body and prepare it for another day’s work.

6. No swearing or loud music

Ramadan is a month of devotion and reflection. If you’re not participating in the holy month, you can show respect to others by not blasting out loud music for the public to hear. Instead, just use your headphones if you really need to listen to music.

These are just some of the few things you need to do to show your respect to people observing Ramadan. You can even join in on the many principles behind Ramadan. Its tenets are worthy of emulation, after all.