Annual Festivals in Qatar

Festivals are an integral part of Qatar society. If you are a tourist and visiting Qatar for the first time, you will find that no matter what time of year you’re visiting, there is almost always a festival celebration ongoing. Qatar has lots of festivals with various themes, some focusing on the wide variety of food available in the country, while others celebrate the diverse culture of the country.

Other holidays in Qatar emphasize the seasons. During festivals, malls often join in on the fun, shelling out promos and organizing shows and food discounts.

Festivals Make Qatar Even More Fun

These are some of the festivals you will witness in Qatar.

1. Doha International Trade Fair

The Doha International Trade Fair is an event which lasts 10 days, and is basically a shopping fair, the biggest in the country. During this time, traders from all over the world visit Qatar and it’s a great opportunity for buyers to find some of the best global brands. Most of the products and services seen at the trade fair include electronics, footwear, handicraft, leather products, furniture, and so much more.

2. Ramadan


As an Islamic country, Ramadan is a significant and important month-long celebration in Qatar. It is a period when people fast during the day and celebrate at night. It is a unique time not just for Muslims, but also for people of other faiths in Qatar. At this time, the Muslims are spiritually joyous, and are charitable by thinking of others.

3. Kite Festival

Kite enthusiasts are sure to enjoy Qatar’s International Kite Festival, which is usually held in Katara, Doha. Katara is an ideal place for flying kites because the winds there are quite steady and the beaches are spacious. Lots of countries participate in this event, including USA, South Korea, India, China, and Japan. Moreover, the event is not just about the competition, but includes kite workshops for families, among other activities.

4. Doha Cultural Festival

The Doha Cultural Festival is an annual celebration. It may be the biggest festival in the country, with thousands of tourists visiting to witness the culture of Qatar through art galleries, theater, dance, poetry, music, and more. Poetry and singing, in particular, are quite popular especially among the international tourists.

5. Qatar International Food Festival

Annually, Qatar invites culinary experts from around the world by virtue of the Qatar Tourism Authority. The event is held in the Museum of Islamic Art Park. Food stalls that showcase the freshest ingredients and the best tasting food are sure to give tourists a wonderful treat!

Indeed, there are many fun things to do in Qatar. As you can see, going to the country with a festival going on will surely make your trip even more enjoyable!